Naval Training Center San Diego (NTC San Diego) (1923–1997) is a former United States Navy base located at the north end of San Diego Bay.
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  • Started boot camp in June of 1966.  Company 66 - 332.  Our company commander was, N.O. Bondurant, BM-1. He was a nice guy but tough. I did well in boot camp. Near graduation, when our new duty assignments were posted on the wall; I was the only one out of 76 men that was assigned to the Seabees.  No one knew what the Seabees were!  When I asked Commander Bondurant, he just smiled and said was " All I know is you are going straight to Vietnam"!  I actually went to Builder "A" School in Port Hueneme, CA  and then permanently attached to "Mobil Construction Battalion One" in Davisville, RI.  The next 2.5 years were two tour's in Vietnam based out of Danang with many detachments all throughout the Northern "I Corp" region.  My last year was in NAVFAC Antigua, West Indies.

  • I went thru boot camp USNRTC CO 230 1958.  San Diego. After r I was moved to USNTC San Diego for one year. I became a Comiissaryman there. Then I went on the USS BUCK DD761, USN Sta. Subic Bay PI, USS Tom Green County LST 1159, Mc Guire AFB NJ, USN Sta. Lewes, De, and last back to USN Sta Subic Bay. I got out after 10 yrs 1968 as a CS2.

  • MS A school 1986
  • I was station here as ship company Food Service Nov 1967-Nov 1969, again 1973-1975 and last as Commissary Manager 1985-1987 retired. Any one still around from this  time. Living in Plattsburgh NY now

  • MS 'A' School sept - nov 1987
  • Was in Company 74-044

    Although I arrived from the Midwest (Kansas City), 50 degrees in San Diego in January is cold, especially on "Worm Island!"

    Sorry to hear and see this historic Naval Training Center closed!

    Imagine all those whom have passed through those gates!

  • I was in HT "A" school in 1974 short stay, went back east for more school!

  • Was in company 231 in summer of 1972 for basic, then RM A school until Dec 1973. ha! Never saw the ocean until after basic!
  • I attended RM "A" school here from Jul 1975 until Oct 1975, then IMCO school until Dec 1975. I had a great time and a lot of fun in San Diego with some great shipmates.

  • We had a few PBR's and a Swift boat or two alongside just for some stuff.  Had USS Crockett alongside for a couple of days in VungTau, Republic of South Vietnam.   I see Texas has a few PBR's down on the border right now. 

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Naval Training Center San Diego 1976

My name is Phil Mercuri. I was assigned to company 130 and was Squad Leader #4. Is there anyone out there who was part of my company. Our Flag Bearer's name was Hillary Wong. Unfortunately, I do not remember anyone else. Though I do believe there was on other individual named Ace Goodman. I could be wrong.

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company 107 1963

Anyone in company 107 1963 (February) Under HL Cutter  (I think we ended up as CUTTERS CLOWNS).  After boot I never saw but two (2)  guys in company ( one was named SMALLWOOD (who was a medic and I saw while in Balboa for knee surgery) and the other was COFFY ( I think went bowsanmate and I saw while TDY in Seattle.I  went directly to NAS North Island from boot.

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