Naval Station, Great Lakes, Illinois. Home of Naval Training Center, Great Lakes.

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  • Hospital Corps School , class 028,01980......anyone ?

  • Boot from March of 64 until June.  ET-A School from August until May of 65.  Used to get into trouble with MAA's when our A school company played tackle football on the front lawn of the old wooden barracks with a rolled towel for the ball against the company billeted at the other end of the barrack.  Got lots of exercise and went to the EM club for refueling afterwards.

  • Spent the better part of a year at ET "A" school 1954-1955. Sang with the Blue Jackets Choir and Shared a barracks with members of the band and Choir. It was an enjoyable time. Lots of good Jazz.

  • After spending 9 wonderful weeks as a recruit in Company 121 CPO John Poissant was my CC ...he made Senior Chief just before we graduated.


    a.k.a. Gate Guard...My NEW "BOSS" was Master Chief Senior Murphy..IIRC HE ran the whole operation no matter how many Admirals there were on the base.As long as we didn't screw up Chief Murphy was happy...but you never wanted to screw up.2 gates on the recruit 4 on Mainside.Had several experiences the one that really surprised me was...It was a Saturday morning..Me and my partner were on the Main Gate...everything was traffic coming in the gate yet...when all of a sudden we hear gun shots..we look a each other he goes to the inbound side of the gate..I stay by the gate...all of a sudden we see Marines in full gear run across the inbound side of the bridge...My parter starts walking slowly to the end of the bridge...I call the guy on the desk at our building freakin out saying "I see Marines in full gear running across the end of the bridge I also hear gun shots!!!"The guy at the desk says jeesh I forgot to tell you guys the Marines are doing "wargames"today..n I'm like jeeze man you shoulda told us at the start of the watch

  • I went to Hospital Corps School in 1980 , was in Boot Camp Co. 038 from Feb to April 1980 , then to Corps School class 028 

  • I enlisted August 26, 1965 and was at Great Lakes for training for a reduced amount of weeks due to the amount of recruits being trained there due to the build up of the war in Vietnam. I was in Company 426. We had a first class machinists mate as company commander. It has been a long time but I think he was from Alabama and his last name was Freese. There were so many recruits there at that time that we had to use the old barracks at camp Barry and the water in the showers came out rusty. I also was at camp Moffett. From there I went to Arlington, Virginia. 

  • Attended ET A School here from about March to November 1977. I can still picture the faces of some of my classmates but the names have been gone for a long time.

  • any one rember carlson's companin 1974 i think it was 285 not sure can't find it anywhere

  • June-August 1978, BE&E school.

  • I was in company 470 September 1965
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FEB 1966 COMPANY 114 CO. Commander R.L. Peoples

Looking for anyone who was in this Company.On the day of scheduled departure R.L. Peoples said"I've got some good news and some bad news"The bad news is you are all so screwed up you get to stay and march more.The good news is you get to spend some more time with me.He was a sadistic Company Commander.I remember "were gonna have some smoking choking and cokeing.On the coke and cigarette break he would stick his thumb in some young recruitsadams apple. He never did it to someone his own…

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Company 444 Sept 1963

How could I forget, Boot camp started Sept 12 1963  COMPANY 444  our graduation day was Nov 22 1963, we all know that terrible day, needless to say our festivities, pass in review and the rest were cancelled no Ceremony at all. Sad day for all. Lots of parents families and friends came for nothing.

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IC-A School

I attended BE&E School, and IC-A School in 1969.  Lived in Snipes Castle, stood tornado watches, and I remember when they first let us keep civvies in our lockers on base.  I went to Nuke School in Mare Island (Vallejo, CA) in Jan. 1969, then S1W Prototype in Idaho in July.  Then the USS Enterprise for an all-expenses-paid trip to Vietnam.  I ended my six-year with a couple of years of new construction in Virginia (USS South Carolina, DLGN-37).  The South Carolina has already been…

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