Hospital Corps School, Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California
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  • Richard,

    I live just behind the Whittier Quad Shopping Center. I was at Hospital Corps School from October 1972 to February 1973.

  • I graduated from HCS San Diego 31 Aug. 67, then I went to Field Medical School, then back to Balboa. I started in Nov. 67 on General Surgery Ward 261A. I was on surgery for about 3 months then I was traqnsferred to the Emergency Room. I stayed in the E.R. until Nov. 68 when I went on a 30 day leave then off to the 3rd Mar. Div. in Dec.


  • anyone else here go through Corps School San Diego during the early part of 1985 ??  

    Brian Skeoch


  • when I was in San Diego going through Corps School we were still using the old barracks down at the bottom of the hill down by the Helo pad.  Our school was in temporary housing buildings up the hill behind the old new hospital. the new hospital was still being built.  those old barracks were ancient.Still, it was a great experience.  I ended up getting a Bachelors of Health Care Administration and now that I think of it I have been in the Health Care world since 1985.. yikes..


  • Hello.  I trained as a Corpsman at Naval Health Science school in San Diego in the rpsing of 1985.  Had a ball.  After graduation I was stationed at Naval Hosp Orlando where I worked in the clinic at Recruit Training center and then worked in a few clinics at the facility which included Eye Clinic .  My coolest gig was driving an ambulance to the Kennedy Space center for the Space Shuttle launches, Me and a fellow Corpsman would be there at each launch to take care of injured spectators.  It was a ball.  It all came to a hault when in 86 the shuttle exploded during launch. Sfter that it was back ro work in the clinic... 


    Brian Skeoch



  • I saw the link for the pictures of the old hospital with the school and the new hospital. I was last in San Diego in 1984 and wish now I had taken some photos of the old place. I went thru Corp school Jan 68 to Apr 68. Then stayed at Balboa until Nov 69. Worked in 21 building 1st floor became Senior Corpsman, then got my own office in the building to give PPD shots for TB, had that position until orders to FMS and 3rd Mar Div. San Diego was a great place back then. Did anyone spend any time other than corps school in San Diego?

  • Jim Decota the "Pawn Stars" wouldn't be interested in the "Handbook of the Hospital Corps" unless they had a collector for it....a lot of the information is dated...but I like the "Pawn Stars" reference...but that kid Chumley is an idiot! 

  • David Freeman, I remember the "Handbook of the Hospital Corps" I had mine at my parents house when I went to Okinawa. Where in Whitter do you live? I live in La Puente just down the road...when did you go to Hospital Corps School? 

  • David, you mean the "Handbook of the Hospital Corps"? In Dec. 73 we were given a bunch of worn out reused ones that I believe were an early 50's edition. I still have mine somewhere packed away! I wonder how much "Pawn Stars" would pay for such a vintage book??? It's amazing how many of them are for sale out there!

  • Richard,

    Remember the Manual? I still have mine.

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Naval Hospital Orlando

after Corpsman training in San Diego I was transferred to Naval Hosp Orlando.. Next week I am going back to the facility for a visit. I was also a Corpsman for NASA during the Space Shuttle program in the 80's and am going to visit the Space center too.  I will get to show my young songs where I was stationed..very excited about it.. Brian SkeochCorpsman   

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