Exmouth, Western Australia. The station provides very low frequency (VLF) radio transmission to United States Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships and submarines in the western Pacific Ocean and eastern Indian Ocean.
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  • I was stationed at the Enlisted mess and the Officers Mess.SDSN 1974/75 I was the 14th female to go to the base. The whole base came out to the air strip once a week. I remembered POT SHOT INN. BLACK FLIES, and looking for Conch shells.

  • OK anybody know the where about of a Robert Jaffin  I believe he was an RM while stationed at HEH late 60's early 70's and I lost touch a few years after he picked up a promotion CWO.  Also a dental technician by the name of Jack Earley 


  • I was stationed here from May 1968 through June 1970.  Specifically would l;ike to get in touch with Jack Early and Jon Fischman and I can remember others I wll place theire names here also. Would like to also find out if anyone knows what has become of HMC Pack (HMC at that time).  I was the first Pharmacy tch to come on board the station back then and we were known Naval Communication Station North West Cape.  I was present when the name was changed.


  • This was my first duty station 1975-1976. Loved it, great place for first duty station. Loved the people, as well.


  • 1980-1981 or so.....great time!

  • This was my 1st duty station, it was the BEST duty station EVER and I had the time of my life!!  =)
  • This was my first duty station, what a way to start out in the Navy. It was a dream come true.
  • I never been here but I have heard lots of things about this station. I knew of one RM that was stationed there and loved it. His name was RM2 JOHN ETNIRE, and also there was a female RM2 that knew John at Holt. I worked with both of these sailors at NCS SUBBASE BANGOR WA, 1984-1986.
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