Since its commissioning in December 1942, NS Mayport has grown to become the third largest fleet concentration area in the United States.
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  • My first shore duty was Mayport, 63-65, was assighed to Special Services. What a racket, operated the three lane bowling alley , the Basin Bowl located in the theater and snack bar building.
    Ron Bereman mention Norberg 's Bar on Mayport Rd, Norbergs is where a bunch of sailors in Special Services spent alot of their spare
    time. Cliff Norberg was a great guy, usually he sat in a booth and you would help yourself, if you had a tab, just mark it down.
    I wonder how many remember Mary"s on Wonderwood Dr, Screwy Louie's and Uncle John"s on Atlantic Blvd.
    My next tour was 72-74 on USS Escape and I finished up at FMAG
    74-76. Bach then, Mayport was the best kept secret in th Navy.
  • Served aboard the USS Yosemite AD 19 in Mayport from January of 1973 til August of 1975.  Carriers, USS Roosevelt and USS Saratoga were in port at the same time.

  • visited Mayport via USS MILLER DE 1091


  • I spent four years in Mayport on borad the USS Vreeland FF-1068. I was a Storekeeper 3rd Class.  I remember Mayport road and the bars. I remember hanging out at Jacksonville beach and the bars like Crystal Palace. The Ramada on the beach blvd had a club at the top that was bomb. 
  • I did my shore duty at Base Supply as Impress Driver from 1978-80. It was good duty.
  • Was stationed at Mayport Naval Station on the USS MAZAMA AE-9  62-65  till they transfered our homeport to Davisville RI 

  • I was assigned to USS Aubrey Fitch FFG-34 April 85 - April 88, I enjoyed being stationed at NS Mayport.
  • Mayport was the first duty station for, I was station onboard the USS Jack Williams FFG-24, from 82-86. Brings back many good memories!
  • I was just a youngun then. ha ha
  • David, I served on active duty from 1963 to 1967 and stayed in the active reserves for the remaining two years and you are right, that was a long time ago.
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