Come on in Shipmates. Have a seat in the First Class Lounge. We'll play a little Acey-Deuce and swap sea stories. As always, you have front of the line previleges on the Mess Decks.
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  • I was appoint to the rate of Aviation Structural Mechanic Structures First Class Petty officer 16 October 1976 at NAS Oceana Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was assistant shop Supervisor of Airframes shop, Work center 510, Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department,  NAS Oceana from Oct. 1976 to Jan.1979 when I left the Navy.   

  • Made 1st Class Electronics Tech in 1971. Retired in 1991. Hard to get Chief when they make 1 Navy Wide.

  • Made AMH1 in 1981. Retired as AMH1 in 1991. At my retirement ceremony someone asked, "You only made it to 1st class. I said hell yeah. I spent my first 10 years trying to make 1st class, and I spent my last 10 years trying to keep it. Nuff said . . .
  • Left the VXN-8 on August 30, 1967.  Went to college, seminary and pastored in 6 churches until 1998.  Retired and then Agent Orange took over and we know the outcome of that chemical.

  • made 1st class BT in April 1966 aboard USS Sproston DD577 in the Tonkin Gulf.Passed the Chiefs test in January 1969(PNA)Left the Navy in April 1969.Like a lot of us I wish I had stayed.,,,Fair Winds to all especially stick shift BT,s

  • I made first class bm in 1982.then drew shore duty at the NETC brigg. no more liquid lunches. although the LT I worked for was a guy the navy was lucky to have. passed the chiefs exam in 85 but decided to get out at 10yrs .the navy was changing back then. anyway I  look back at my time in the navy and the ships I served on as some of the greatest moments of my life!

  • 0001 Merry Christmas from the Chaplain's Corner

  • I made 1st class in June 1979 and retired in 1992.  As a Personnelman First Class I got the opportunity to serve some of the best people that the Navy has to offer.  This was an experience that I will never forget.

  • I made 1st Class in 1975 and retired in 1978. I started out as an AMS first tour. Got and re-enlisted after a year as a civilian. I changed my rate to ADR and was flight crew and Finally made 3rd. Then , I knew I had to change to jets , I changed my rate to ADJ . I was on west all my career until my twilight tour and went E-2 sqd and went on a med cruise on Nimitz. I'll take west pack any day. Walt williamsi
  • made bt1,aug 1968,aboard yortown cvs-10

    mite have made chief,had i stayed in,

    uss-hull dd-945,got out 2 months,got bt"b" school 1963,met my beautiful "scottish"

    bride,uss tap 176,breckinridge,then maa,gally-409,great lakes,yortwn cvs10, til discharg aug 1969

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Made BT! in march83 never made chief part was my fault but you cant change the past.Had a boot chief give me 3.2 evals because I wouldnt help him move to navy housing. B ut I wasa damn good BT and proud of that rating badge.and I would do it all over again

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