For seven boot camp-like, rifle-toting, blister-breaking weeks, the Navy and Marine Corps team up at Field Medical Service School (FMSS) East to mold standard Navy-issue corpsmen into Sailors good enough for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF)
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  • At camp Delmar, Ocean Side, (Pendleton) May, June 1967 anyone else?

  • I was only at Pendleton for 7 weeks of FMSS Jan. and Feb. 82 ... went straight from there to 7th com. bn . Okinawa 

  • Lindsey.....what were you doing "off and on" for 3-4 years at Pendleton?

  • to butt in I was there off and on from 74 to 77

  • back at you Robert.....

    When were you at Pendleton?

  • good morning Friends !!! hope y'all are having a great day 

  • OK - thanks.  Appreciate the info Jay

  • I knew your name was familiar. I don't know why I am listed as the founder of this site. I don't know about any patch. The guy that started this Navy Veteran Site is listed on the opening page.

  • Hey Jay - we have talked on Facebook - were at Pendleton around the same time.  I tried to find an FMSS "group" on facebook, without success.  I did however find this site. So far, no hits from anyone in my old company.  Did you create this group in NAVY VETERANS? 

    PS: Do u know how I night get a patch to match the logo in this group.....? 





  • I was in 6709 Company "A" October of 67.

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Does Anyone remember my Brother? FMSS early 1967

Hello to all, and Thank you all for your service!  My brother HN Gregory P. Vercruysse went through FMSS at Camp Pendleton the very first part of 1967. He went to Viet Nam in late April, early May 1967, then to B/1/26 H and S.   He was on Hill 881S. While on a patrol he was mortally wounded in an ambush on June 7, 1967 while aiding a wounded Marine. If you knew my brother I would appreciate hearing from you, and my apologies if my terminology is not correct, this all happened when I was 8 years…

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Semper Fi, Folks

Okay, 1972, 2nd Amtrac Btn, Force Troops, Camp Lenjeune, Courthouse Bay Dispensary. Been there and definitely done that. Quite an experience but I am proud of the 2 years with the Marines. I am a better man due to my time there.Best to ALL of you Folks and thanks for your service!!Curt Hiller, HM3

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