Semper Fi, Folks

Okay, 1972, 2nd Amtrac Btn, Force Troops, Camp Lenjeune, Courthouse Bay Dispensary. Been there and definitely done that. Quite an experience but I am proud of the 2 years with the Marines. I am a better man due to my time there.

Best to ALL of you Folks and thanks for your service!!

Curt Hiller, HM3

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  • to this site.  HM2 - 1966-70

    Do u know how I can order a patch similar to the one used for this site.  Says Field Med Service School and UNited States Marine Corps on it.  Thanks

    Tim Shalk

    FMSS Camp Pendleton 1967


    • Thanks for your inquiry Timothy Michael. You can find a variety at these spots.


      Also search military pins and patches on ebay, amazon and google. Check out all the above before you decide. So much to see.

      Hey, And Thanks so much for your Service and dedication.

      Semper Fi


    • Curt - thanks for responding so quickly......

      Will check out those sites.

      I was at Pendleton in the Fall of 1967.......when were you there?


  • Stationed at CH Bay dispensary 1959-1961. Spent much of my time at sea with the 2ndAmTracBn. Great duty.

    • William, Thanks for the note. Hope you are doing well and keeping those memory's alive. I would love to go back there and visit the base. There was a super tiny diner out the back gate that had great shrimp, scallops and hushpuppies. I was in the best shape of my life while there ( a long time ago). I was the Only Hospital Corpsman that played on the UCMC football team.

    • Curt, thanks for the reply. I hven't kept up with any of the people I was stationed with at CHB. I retired from the navy in 1976 as  HMC. Attended the Medical University of SC and worked in laboratory medicine for the Hospital Corporation of America until I retired in 1998. I do have some great memories of my tour, including two Med cruises on those wonderful LST's.

    • I was on The Fairfax County, LST 1193. Too funny. Fun times, great memory's and good ports too.

      Sorry we missed each other. I stayed in healthcare, even now as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

      Did everything from clinician, sales, homecare, manager, directors, rehab and now educator. Still enjoy helping people and that is why I enlisted as a corpsman. I wanted to help thos helping our country.

    • Curt - what a small world.  I got out of the Navy in 1970...went to work in the ER at Providence hospital in Oakland CA....moved into what we called "Inhalation therapy" at the time, and then became a licensed Respiratory therapist as well.  Moved into home health and delivered BIRD, BENNETS, and MONAGHANS into homes.  Instructed folks into the use of their meds, and effectively sold the hardware usually through medicare or medical.  Started a company called "Respiratory Support Systems" in Walnut Creek was all quite an experience.  Applied to and was accepted to Duke Univ PA program ( first in the country ) , then was put on a waiting list due to affirmative action quotas not being met by the Univ.....long story short, I jumped ship and went directly into the computer industry and was in sales and marketing for 35 years!  But my first professional job out of the Navy was a RESPIRATORY THERAPIST!  Sorry for the long note...........again, what a small world! 


    • Awesome!  USMC football team?   well done - would have like the chance to join you in that.



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