For seven boot camp-like, rifle-toting, blister-breaking weeks, the Navy and Marine Corps team up at Field Medical Service School (FMSS) East to mold standard Navy-issue corpsmen into Sailors good enough for the Fleet Marine Force (FMF)
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  • Thanks.  I'm not sure where to start, but I'll give it a go.  Semper Fidelis to you too!

  • I doubt they were using a civilian photographer - I would start with FMSS - they probably have an archive of photos on the base - one would think. I just looked at the back of my FMSS class pic and there is no civilian company name on it! Good luck and Semper Fi!

  • Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the official photograph of Class E-6705, A Company, Summer 1967?  Interesting times!

  • 3439418653?profile=originalThis is a pic of Charlie Company at FMSS Camp Pendleton, April/May of 1968. We had four companies (big) to train Corpsmen for Viet Nam since Tet had just occurred. Two just graduated HCS companies (about 40 men) and many Corpsmen from the fleet and hospital duty stations. Our training was only 5 weeks since they needed Corpsmen in Viet Nam. Our DI SSgt Allen.  We loved this guy and the training he gave us. He had been to Viet Nam already and treated us with great respect. Picture above is from the 1st Marines, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division where I was stationed with in Viet Nam. Also was with the 3rd Marine Air Wing at El Toro upon return CONUS.  Was assigned to VMGR 352 (C-130's), VMFA 242, VMA 214, and MAWTUPAC 37. Black Sheep Squadron.  MAWTUPAC was the most dangerous as it was top secret. They had loaded weapons at the gate. This is just some history. Terry3439418534?profile=original

  • went to field med school montford point July 1973 for 4 wonderful weeks learning to become a part time marine. 

  • Went through in the spring of 74, ahh such memories, Camp Pendleton in the spring time. After school I went to the 11th Marines (cannon cockers) 43 area, should have stayed there. We worked Monday through Friday, no duty and we lived in our own barracks with two man rooms.

  • I went through FMSS at Montford Point - Camp Lejeune NC back in 1964. Spent my entire enlistment there at Camp Lejeune, 10th Marines. At first I thought this was going to be a bad duty station, but turned out to be great. Loved it all. Would have stayed in but feared going to some hospital.

  • Here's a copy of my Field Medical Service School Class 7506-I photo dated 26 March 1975. I'm on the right side, second row fron the bottom, fourth man in the photogrey shades.


  • Went to FMSS at the Camp Del Mar 21 Area of Camp Pendleton in 1975, remember the hikes to the FMSS training area on the other side of the 5 Fwy. Also trained as the first EMT certified corpsmen through Palomar College at FMSS. Then received orders to the 1st Engineer Bn at the Camp San Mateo 52 Area of Camp Pendleton. Good times and camaraderie....

  • Sometime in1982, went to FMSS CampPen, 21 area, man i miss the beach. had a good DI and spent close to 10 yeras with the grunts...

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Does Anyone remember my Brother? FMSS early 1967

Hello to all, and Thank you all for your service!  My brother HN Gregory P. Vercruysse went through FMSS at Camp Pendleton the very first part of 1967. He went to Viet Nam in late April, early May 1967, then to B/1/26 H and S.   He was on Hill 881S. While on a patrol he was mortally wounded in an ambush on June 7, 1967 while aiding a wounded Marine. If you knew my brother I would appreciate hearing from you, and my apologies if my terminology is not correct, this all happened when I was 8 years…

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Semper Fi, Folks

Okay, 1972, 2nd Amtrac Btn, Force Troops, Camp Lenjeune, Courthouse Bay Dispensary. Been there and definitely done that. Quite an experience but I am proud of the 2 years with the Marines. I am a better man due to my time there.Best to ALL of you Folks and thanks for your service!!Curt Hiller, HM3

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