Underway Rearming off the Coast of Cuba.Cuban Quarantine, October, 1962
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  • Mike, When I look at the picture of us rearming underway, I can almost feel
    the salt spray on my face. Thanks for being a Shipmate.
  • I had the privilege of serving on the Mazama from re-commisioning in 1961 through january of 1965. Served with paul also but he left in 1963.
    we had a great crew and wonderful officers also. We became a outstanding group of men.
    Thanks to Paul we get together once a year and it is terrific. He does a lot of work into this reunion and I thank him for that.
    M. Clukey BM3
  • Welcome aboard Pat.
    I'm certain that those memories are as vivid to you as they are to me.
  • The Cuban Blockade Survivors Association is dedicated to all of our
    Shipmates that helped to repel the Soviets at the Blockade of Cuba, October, 1962.
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