Any Navy Veteran who served from 2-Sept.-1945 to 26-Dec-1991, prevented World War III for 46 years. We must never forget those who did pay the Ultimate price with their lives. USS Scorpion SSN-589, and many others. I Salute your Bravery.....
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  • Jerald....I knew nothing about the stop loss retroactive pay. Would you explain it to me even if it is to late.

    Thanks in advance

  • Joe, did you ever file for your stop loss retroactive pay? If not I am sorry to say that the program ended Oct. 12, 2012

  • Was in from May 62 to Aug 66. Got involuntairly extended four months by LBJ for Vietnam. That alone should qualify me as a Vietnam Veteran rather than a Vietnam era Veteran, Just saying...

  • Jerald I just signed the patishion

  • Cold War and Viet Nam Vet 1960 - 1970 BT 2. 100% DISABLED FOR ASBESTOSES AND COPD.

  • Trevor:  You said: "It's past time to be recognized. I will vote for the congressman who will vote for this medal."


    Please don't vote for Obama..... Vote for the American! (Romney)


    Washington....cares about us only during an Election Year  The VA Hospitals on the other hand are some of the BEST IN THE WORLD


    no beef with VA hospitals......Just Washington and VA Oakland, CA          THEY SUCK.


    I agree we all deserve a Medal, but i don't want to wear a private non Military Medal I want the military Medal and I want the Respect Disabled Veterans are entitled to

    Like Increases in Disability that should be close to 100% because i can't work any longer....... Just try and talk to VA Oakland, CA on the phone....... Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Got about 6 hours to wait? or maybe two or three days?

  • Jerald  Thanks for the offer but can't afford the dues at this time

    I am not working, Disabled Veteran with a claim now pending 5 years from VA and another claim pending 1 1/2 Years as well.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sigh....... Shows the Veteran's Administration's Care and concern for Veterans!  But they are faithful to say Thank you for you're Service and you know what I told them?

    If you really cared about us Veterans, you would get off your "Kester" and give us the disability we deserve. They have a copy of the 35 lbs of medical records from me, including X-Rays for my bad back when I was injured in the Gulf.

    So you know now what I think of the Veteran's Administration in Oakland, CA

    THEY SUCK!  And not even my Congressmen was able to help they say We are so over manned and there are so many cases and yet when they have documentation from medical Records and letters of Witnesses, they say.... " Oh it might be another 24 or 36 months... Bla    Bla.... Bla...

    Oakland..... (Worthless Idiots)   OK EVERYONE I AM OFF MY SOAP BOX

    You Vet's out there that have pending claims all over this Country know what I am saying

  • Like some of the others on this site. I was stationed stateside for my whole enlistment. I too am tired of my own government ignoring mine and my fellow Cold War Sailors service. It's time that we be recognized for what we did. I joined the service to "see the world". I saw San Diego for three years. The only award I was presented with was the National Defense Medal. It's past time to be recognized. I will vote for the congressman who will vote for this medal.

  • Jerry Ballard,

    Why not join our organization American Cold War Veterans. We have adopted

    the Foxfall medal, we can wear it to meeting, at parades and some other functions

    American Cold War Veterans
  • Navy wasn't the only thing I've done in my life but by God it was the best place to grow-up in the 60's!

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Cold War Service Medal-2015

On April 28. 2015 Congressman Steve Israel(D NY-3); as he has for the last several years, along with Congressman David Jolly (R-FL 13) and seven other cosponsors introduce H.R. 2067 The Cold War Service Medal Act 2015. This bill would authorize DoD to issue the Cold War Service Medal to those who served between Sep 1945 and Dec 1991.This bill has been sent to the House Armed Services Committee for consideration. Last year a similar bill went to the committee and just sat there till the end of…

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