For those who served at Allied Joint Force In Naples Italy on the Bagnoli/Agnano base. You may not have been stationed at Afsouth but at one of the other commands on the Bagnoli/Agnano base. If so, tell us what command and Years you served there.
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  • Here is another image of when they were working on the base pool..3439447923?profile=original

  • Morgan - glad the base is still intact.  What I had read indicated that there were plans to demolish and build a large hotel - not that it had happened as yet.  I found these images of the old base pool and it looked to me like they had already refurbished it to get it ready for a larger project. - notice the fountain/island in the middle (among other improvements) - that was not there when the base was open.3439447734?profile=original

  • Ian, i was the Asst. Navy Exchange Officer at theNSA Naples from 11/67-7/70; and just returned from my first visit back to Naples since then. The buildings of the old AFSouth base have not been demolished and replaced by a hotel. Most if not all of the buildings are still there and the base is now a college campus.
  • I was stationed at AFSOUTH from Mar '75 - Oct'78.  Worked in the Plans & Policies Div.  When my rotation came up I was able to get my assignment extended so I did not have to be re-assigned to another base.  Had my own apt near Lago di Lucrino and a convertible Fiat 124 Spider.  Best friend was an Italian Navy sergente I worked with (he was from Sardinia - spoke 5 languages).  He helped teach me Italian and got me my first date with a local lady who was a friend of his lady.  He owned a used red Alfa Spider and we used to spend weekends with other friends in Rome or down the coast in Sorrento.  Used to play "arrows" in the British Pub on the base every week with our Brit co-workers - one a Royal Marine sergeant who use to get me English cigarettes from the British goods store on the base and I would get him Marlboros from the Navy PX.  Spent some times in the PROTO base outside Naples during the NATO wargames.  It was all sealed up years ago but an Italian news crew went in and filmed it and put it up on YouTube - so weird seeing it trashed and abandoned - like a ghost town. It's also strange seeing posted images of the empty AFSOUTH base.  I had recently read online it was going to be demolished and a hotel built there.  We got to watch scenes from the film "The Human Factor" being shot on the base with George Kennedy first year I was there.  Adm Stansfield Turner became the CINC and then in '77 he had to leave to become CIA director.  I talked to him a number of times when I took documents to his office - was a real nice gent, treated you with respect and a had great sense of humor.  We were sad to see him go.  I learned to scuba dive at the base pool and got to go on some great dive trips.  Used to love the cannelloni dinners at the restaurant in the Flamingo Club and the grilled ham & cheese sandwiches in the bowling alley. Sometimes would spend overnight on Capri just to relax, drink and people watch. Worked with some great officers from the different nations like Maj. Amado or Ltc Kucukardi.  Used to take turns making mid-morning pastry runs to the Italian cafe in Building L bringing back large boxes of treats that would get emptied out fast because the division staff knew when they would be delivered to the main admin office.  So many memories!  Miss the cuisine, wine, travel, the Med, coffee/pastries in the Caffé Gambrinus, Umberto Galleria, etc., and on.  What great experiences!

  • I was the Assistant Navy Exchange Officer at the Naval Support Activity in Naples, from November of 1967 to July of 1970. My main areas or responsibility/supervision included the the cafeterias, laundramats, and satellite retail stores at AfSouth, the air base and the NSA Administration Building, and the Bluebird Club (enlisted club near the port area in downtown Naples). Love my time in Naples.
    Morgan S. "Mike" Bragg
  • Forgot-- lived in Parco Palumbo, Lago Patria off the four laner.

    When I was in town, I occasionally worked as night manager at the CPO club at the Naval Station.  Remember Jan??

    Used to see Humpty Dumpty, Hatchet Face and Commissary Mary each and every day. 

    This was another great duty station!!

  • I was stationed with the Defense Communications Agency, Regional Control Operations Center on Torrejon, AFB, Madrid, Spain when the decision was made to close the office down, and open field offices in Nea Makria, Greece and Naples, Italy.  Having been to Greece and not losing anything I was interested in finding, I opted for the Naples office.  I was an RMCS(SS) at the time, and we moved into Building L, 2nd floor.  It was a great duty station.  We had responsibility for Italy, Spain, The Azores, The Balerics, Sicily, Turkey, Morocco, and I don't know what all.  I travelled with a GS13, Electronics Engineer named Millard Hunter.  WE had some times, travelled in mufti. Drove a white Chevrolet van with AFI plates, and drove all over Spain and Italy to various Army, Navy, and Air Force sites on mountain tops.  Loved Aviano, San Vito De Normanni, Reggio de Calabira, Sigonella, Madrid, Rota, sigh!!

  • Lot's of great memories at the Flamingo Club.  I remember those times when we were short on funds and would stay in the barracks playing cards.  The odd men out would make the beer runs to the club.

    Also remember when the put the above ground pool in on the east side of the club.  It wasn't big but at least we could get wet.

    Then there was always Bingo Night.  They had the small room in the back where they had the Craps and Poker tables.  Left a lot of money there.

    I worked at the Bowling Alley Snack Bar to earn some extra cash. 

    I read where they deactivated the base in Banoli and built a new one.  There was a lot of history there.

    I wonder if they still play Donkey Baseball at the Rec Field (think it now Carney Park) on July 4th.

    Look forward to reading more memories.

  • John Dahlstedt mentioned the EM Club, now determined to be the Flamingo Club at AFSOUTH.  I remember making many a run to the port to get beer for the club as I worked at the motor pool and they always needed our help in something.  They would also give us a case of beer or two for doing it, which we used at softball games.

    Speaking of EM Clubs though, there used to be one downtown Naples that was actually below street level because you had to walk down a drive from the street to get to it.  I think it was run by the USO, but don't quote me on that, remember, this was in the mid to late 60's.  I know that a bunch of us drivers drove our Admirals and their wives to the Opera one night and Admiral Griffin, who was Commander, AFSOUTH at the time told us to go to the EM Club, get something to eat and drink and be back at the end of the Opera.  Well, it was in the fall, and we drivers were wearing Winter Working Blues, told the Admiral that but he said that was okay to go anyway.  Well we went, and 5 of us were put on report by the Shore Patrol from a carrier in port.  Although we were attached to AFSOUTH, for disciplinary matters we went to NSA.  When it was time for us to go to Mast, Adm. Griffin went in our stead and that was the last we heard of that.  I've got more stories about us guys at the motor pool and shore patrol, but I'll save them for another day.  I keep checking the sight to see if by chance there were any of my shipmates that have joined the group.

    Take care everyone.  Keep bringing back those memories.

  • It's great to hear all the memories everyone has. It brings back things that I hadn't   thought about in a very long time. Lots of good memories!

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