Remember the "gas shortages" of the early 70's??? These were the prices THEN!

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  • This picture was taken in Long Beach, California in early 1974.

  • Remember filling my Chevy in 1972, 4 gas stations on 4 corners, all prices different - gas war $.28.9 $29.9, $.30.9, and $.31.9

  • I also remember "quarter and change" for a gallon of mini bike gas
    I never saw the gas lines, guess it was one benefit of being in VN during that period. Read about it in Stars and Stripes, remember thinking "serves all those war protesters right", (sorry now for my vet brothers stateside)
    Worse though, I remember the problem all the stations had when the price broke 1.00 - had to tape a 1 in front of the digits cause machines didn't go over 99.9 / gal!
    And we were all flabbergasted at paying 1.xx a gallon - horrors!!!
  • I remember paying .19 for a gallon of gas, paying a quarter for it and getting change back!   That was when I was mowing lawns for five bucks!

  • Now go back just a couple more years and this is what I remember paying for that stuff when I filled up the old 62 Dodge window van!


  • WOW!!!! We'll never see these prices again!!

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