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  • I was there a few years before a part of our lives we will always  remember. 

  • Was Jeepney, don't know about these days. Probably something politically correct.   But also back then there was a curfew imposed at 2300 hrs.  At least along Magsaysay Blvd.  You had to be off the streets.  Either in a hotel that had a bar and you planned to stay.  Or back to base.  I wonder if there were other hiding places.  Also wondering why our bar hopping was cut short.  Why a curfew so early?  At least 2400 or 0100 would have been better.  Maybe because a lot of us were wasted by that time and shouldn't be on the streets late, yes?

    Well we made every minute count back then.  It was truly a fun town.  Glad I was there.

  • Olongapo, what a fun town. 

    is it Jeepney or is it Jitney?  I think Jeepney, how about you?

  • Served with CTF73 / COMNAVSURFGRUWESTPAC Feb78-April 81 in the Det by Spanish Gate  Was on a MTT team and 3M inspections on the ships under CTF73 did 2 years single and then found my true love there been married 37 years now also live in Cebu Pi part time.

  • Subic Bay........oh yeah visited in late 50's while stationed on USS Midway and USS Coral Sea.  Finally returned in 1972 through 1976 when assigned to the U.S. Navy Class "A" Recruiting Station.  Great 4 years spent mostly on the golf course!  Wayne Morris, YNC

  • I was also on the USS Coral Sea the first I went to PI.  Good cruise, discoverd a new world, and good times.  I was attached to AIMD hydraulic shop.  Also made the USS Ranger  cruse when we collided with the USS Wichita during a fuel unwrap.  One of those guys that did not make it was AN Swab from the Metal shop from squadron VA 195 that I was attached with.  We made the last deployment with our A-7 Corsair A/C before the Navy decommission the  squadron as a an A-7 squadron and got re-commission  as a FA 18  at NAS Lemoore, CA. Not a very good cruise, lost a bunch of sailors during that period.

  • Been There done that!

  • Damn!  Paved Magsaysay road?  I remember riding through the mud in those little motorcycles with a covered cab on the side.  They got us to our favorite bars.  Dry.  Bless them.

  • I made 3 WestPacs, the first was on the Coral Sea & had a great time for being a "Cherry". Ate alot of Lumpia & fried rice as well as the Hind quarter part of the chicken at the corner bbq. I was a rigger so there was a bar off the main drag that was for Rigger's and they did treat us right! The second time I went to the PI, was onboard the USS Ranger & unfotunately that was not such a good cruise. We lost 10 shipmates from multiple issues, 6 from a major fuel fire in Engine room 2, one form a insect bite in the PI, one overboard & a friend of mine who died at his workstation. Never did find out how he passed, but we were on our way to hawaii to pick Tiger's & his Father & Brother were waiting for him on the pier. Very sad. The captain of the boat was not that good either & after that cruise he retired because he was never going to make Admiral. He collided with a ship that was refueling us on the starboaed side . He told the helmsman to make a 25 degree turn to starboard & everyone on the bridge told him he couldn't, but being the Capt, he made them turn & surpise! we run into the other ship. That cruise we spent 17 days straight in the PI fixing the crap that the collision caused and that is way too long for a port of call, at least is was for me. My lat cruise was aboar the USS Kitty Hawk. She was a descent boat, but none of them matched up to the Coral Sea. 

  • I remember a girlfriend teaching me not to pay the "peso(s)" for jeepney rides, she advised that it should be centavos for almost anywhere in the city.
    So much money wasted, could have spent on girls! :)
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