When I arrived at Gt.Lakes @ March 62' ALL recruits were considered maggots,and whoever your Daddy was didn't mean anything.

Some guys couldn't handle it they were set back @ 2 weeks and if they still couldn't get it together they were kicked out.

Remember a few who thought they were really bad...these were the first ones to start crying or losing it and being kicked out of the Navy

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  • I went to bootcamp in '75. it was 12 weeks. Then later some high ranking moron decided that bootcamp should be fun. For the next couple of years we had a rash of major disciplinary problems Navy wide and they wondered why. Gee ya think it might have been because they forgot to get the "neighborhood" out of the recruit? These kids were a major pain in the butt because they thought they had some right to refuse lawful orders. It took a trip down to shaft alley to straighten out their attitude. An attitude that should have been straightened out in bootcamp.

  • I had a good time at Great Lakes in 1965, Camp Moffett, Camp Barry. I enjoyed everything except breakfast. I also enjoyed graduating early because of all the new recruits being trained and pushed through boot camp at that time. The war was just heating up. They needed the barracks space. And I was off to Arlington, Virginia. 

    • I went to San Diego for boot camp in 1968. The length of training was supposed to be 9 weeks if you didn't get set back for any reason. The Christmas Holidays were coming up and the companies in front of us were given a ten day leave so they could spend the holidays at home with their families. Then they would come back to finish up and graduate. My company was due for a week of messcooking at the chow hall. Normally this was for one week. We had to wait until the companies  returned before we could move forward. This meant we had messcooking for three weeks. I worked in the spud locker and I peeled a lot of potatoes in three weeks

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