Yeoman is a rating in the United States Navy where the primary duties of the enlisted sailor are clerical or administrative in nature.
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  • I attended YN A School San Diego, Ca 1966.

    duty stationed Subase Pearl Harbor Police Department and USS Bainbridge DLG (n) 25 Engineering Department.

  • Attended Yeoman A in Bainbridge as a YN3 then shipped out to Viet Nam, independent duty with NAVADV TM42.  Learned quickly

  • Made Yeoman 2nd Class in 1959 while serving at COMFAIRELM, Navy 510, Naples, Italy.  Anyone out there that served in Navy Naples?  CSCN/CHSA  from Aug 57 to summer 58 transferred to Comfairelm in 58 to Oct 59

  • Loved the YN rating.  Retired as YNC(SW) in 1991 with 22 yrs.  Took me 26 to get 22 due to 4 year break.

  • Three months into onboard USS BOSTON,CAG-1, I was swabbing missile decks when I saw a 3x5 card tape'd to the bulkhead on the mess-deck, "Interested in being a Log Room Yeoman, see Lt.Francis Clements, in Engineers Office.  Best move I made in Navy.  Made E4 after one year....later passed test for E5 (but since was being released from active duty, did not get the promotion).  When was recalled to active duty in 1961 (Berlin Crisis/Cuban Blockage) on the USS WREN DD568 I was Log Room YN, as well Ship's Office.

    Never did get my E5 promotion.  It was interesting and varied duties.

  • When I was a YN2 at ISB, Cat Lai, Vietnam I even had to pull advisor duty on a

    pbr with the vietnamese crew on harbor patrol. This was late 71 and early 72.

    All rates pulled advisor duty on harbor patrol.

  • I went to YN A school in Meridian, Mississippi in 1980. 

  • I had two different tours in the Navy.  Enlisted in 1963 and went to ADJ "A" School in Memphis.  Graduated and received orders to COMFAIRWESTPAC, Atsugi Japan as an ADJAA.  Great orders for an E-2.  I became an Aircrewman and flew all over Asia.  Left the Navy as an ADJ3.  Came back a year later and reenlisted.  I ended up having to change rate because of a medical problem that stopped me from flying.  I went to Yeoman "A" School in San Diego, which was really interesting.  As I was checking in, the YNCS in charge of the school was at the barracks when everybody was checking in.  He saw me standing in line waiting to get checked in for berthing.  He waved me up to the front after seeing my aviation insignia, and asked me if I was lost.  After we talked for awhile, he told me I wouldn't be staying with these kids.  He let me stay in one of the Master-at-Arms spaces, and told me I didn't have to report in with the rest of the guys.  I didn't stand duty and didn't have to march back and forth to classes.  I graduated in the top of the class, but it didn't help me with orders.  Ended going directly to see.  I have fond memories of that period of time.

  • I got my YN2 while on temp duty at St. Albans Naval Hospital in NYC.  They operated on my kneecap but managed to screw up so I have a 10% lose of motion in bending my left leg.  That got me an Honorable Medical discharge in 1968.

    I joined the reserves in 1961 - spent 7 1/4 yrs as reservist & active duty.

  • My first assignment as a YN3 was the USS Great Sitkin (AE). When I got on board I found I was the ranking NCO in the ship's office - everyone else was on leave or transferred.

    As the YN I had to attend the Captain's Mast and do morning roster, along with the regular routine stuff for the ship and officers. I had 3 PN's under me and let them do what they needed to do (keeping me in the loop).

    Ended up getting transferred off the Sitkin because my kneecap would dislocate and they frowned on things being dropped because of the cargo we would carry.

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