USS Vancouver (LPD-2) was a Raleigh-class amphibious transport dock, named for the city of Vancouver, Washington.
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  • I served on the USS Vancouver from January 71 until November 72 when I was released from active duty.  Although I didn't know him and I don't remember him, I recently found out about a sailor who was aboard the Vancouver at that time. Some of you may have heard his name in the news about ten years ago. His name was Gary Ridgway AKA "Green river killer" from the Seattle Wa. area. It was a strange thing to find out about 50 years later. He was convicted of 48 murders and now lives at the state pen in Walla Walla Washington.

    I pasted a photo of the crewlist from the cruisebook from 1970 that shows his name. also pasted his picture from the cruisebook3439447767?profile=original3439447420?profile=original

  • I'm glad you are here and I spend way too much time looking for new posts on this site. things can get a little slow at times. So I try to post and make comments to others whenever I can trying to get others to comment. I sent you a friend request so we can message off the main page. but you have to be friends to send messages

  • David, I am so glad you turned me on to this web site. I spend a lot of time trying to find old friends. Thanks again. Danny

  • Thinking back to my Vancouver days I recall we were on our way back from Westpac in 71 or 72 We stopped in Pearl for a couple days and unloaded excess provisions. Somebody forgot some frozen Lobster tails from the officers mess. Instead of taking them all the way to San Diego, they sent them down to the galley for the enlisted men. Not everyone got one but I managed to get mine. It was delicious. according to one of the CS in the galley, they were actually farm raised crayfish but They were the biggest "crawdaddy" I'd ever seen    Do any of you shipmates from the Vancouver LPD2 remember this?

  • That's a good picture. I stood Shore Patrol duty in Olongapo once. We went into every club in town, and saw some interesting shows. Great duty! You really should add this pic to your photo album on your profile page.

  • To all my shipmates that served on old #2.Please leave a comment about your time on the ship and people you remember. I'm sure there are plenty of us that would love to read it. It helps us go back to a younger time.

  • Any Vancouver sailors who are members of navyvets leave a comment about the ship we served on. Recalling old memories has a way of taking us back to a younger time. Go ahead, Make my day

  • The Vancouver was my home from January 71, to November 72. 

    We made two Westpac cruises during that time. I worked on the flight deck as LSE and catwalk PO.

    Although I didn't know it at the time, it was a very good time. Now that I'm 68 I wish I could go back and do some things different. I am interested in sharing memories with anyone I served with. Or anyone who was stationed on the

    USS Vancouver

  • Doug,  Was aboard the Vancouver when the 3rd Marine Division pulled out of Viet Nam.  I was with the 4th Marines and we were transported to Okinawa before being shipped to Japan for cold weather training to prepare for Korea. Spent about 3 days aboard the Vancouver and it was an experience of being aboard the first ship when I was in the Navy.  Spent most of the time as an FMF Corpsman HM-2 and not much time with the Navy.  Terry

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