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  • My Brother Thomas E. Stilwell served on the Holland over in Rota, Spain from 1970 to 1972 as a FA
  • Yes, there were some big ass garr. I also remember being moored at site IV & watching the gators swing across the Cooper River. There were gators & fish trapped in the superstructures of those old "S" boats all the time.
  • Did you see the alligator garr swimming around the boat? 6 feet of sharp teeth would really make you nervous.
  • I got on the Holland in Charleston, SC, when she was in dry dock. Kinda made me a bit nervous reporting to a ship that couldn't float.
  • I joined the Holland in Rota Spain in the early 70s. Rode her back to Charleston, SC. I was a molder with Kent Fulkerson, Greg Broussard, Henderson, and many more fine sailors.
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steven "joe" friday

Hello from silverwood mi. I came to the Holland June of 84, worked in shipfitters shop for awhile then went to carpenter shop & worked with Al Venn & Keith Rice. I was a HT3. Lots of good times & bad but it was still a life long pleasure.

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