USS Frontier (AD-25) was one of four Klondike class destroyer tenders.Frontier was launched on 25 March 1945 by the Todd Shipyards, San Pedro, California commissioned 2 March 1946 with Captain J. S. Crenshaw, in command.
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  • I was in the deck division in 1968 helping to decommission the ship and would like to chat with others that shared my experience, thanks 

  • first welcome home !!!!,are their any new reunions  after the cruse ???we are travelers our home is [4] wheels under the house  and a hitch for the truck..we are in the Porter ,OK area,,.


  • I missed San Diego, but was at Corpus Christi.  I wish I had gone to Diego. I

    came in there after my last tour o

    n Dec. 22, 1953.  Went up to Long Beach and

    got SP duties until discharge June,1954 .

  • Welcome to the page Phil. I started this page quite awhile ago but you and I are the only ones so far. I joined the Frontier Association but haven't been to a reunion yet.
  • Reported aboard at Subic Bay Dec 6 1954 Was aboard for 3 cruises from Long Beach to Yokosuka until transfer to NAVAL AUX. Corry Field
    Pensacola Aug 1956. Served in the repair Dept as a Electronic Tech.
    Attended the ship reunion in San Diego Oct. of 07 Was one of the oldest in attendance A couple of swabs were from WWII.
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continued from military days on USS Frontier AD-25

I ajust re-reading my last post. Let it be known, I do know how to spell, but my computer is not working correctly.  On with the Frontier days:  Many of us old guyscame from the depression era and did not have much but we were working hardto survive, and as Tom Brokaw said in his book we were part of that GreatestGeneration.  In the Navy we had lots of good food and a nice bed.  I gained weight and got in great shape as some old pictures I just found shows.  I did not hate the Navy, but was not…

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USS Frontir AD-25

I went aboard the Frontier Jan. 1952 after 13 mos. at NOB Guam. The war is Koreawas going very bad with only Pusan left.  Many of we sailors went for training in theMarines. Then the inasion at Inchon, and we routed the enemy. We took all of theNorth, but then. MacArthur defied Pres. Truman and went too close to China. Over300,000 Chinese troops came over and killed housands of Marines. As a result welost the North.  Now, news people, those were true heroes who died and werefrozen stiff in…

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