USS ANCHORAGE was the lead ship of the ANCHORAGE - class of Dock Landing Ships and the first ship in the Navy named after the largest city of Alaska.
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  • Hi Richard I enjoyed my time on the Anchorage and was there on USS Anchorage LSD-36 1992-1996


  • Hello Shipmates,

    I was only on the Anchorage for a few months.  It was in 1972 if my memory is correct.  I was a HM3 while on board at the time.  We were in dry dock in San Diego, Calf. the entire time I was on board.  After only tiewo months on board my Chief Corpsman advised me to apply for Medical Deep Sea Diving School.  I was accepted to diving school and that ended my short start on the Anchorage.  I very much enjoyed my time on board working in Sick Bay.  While on board I advanced from HN to HM3.  I still remember that I was so nervous when I walked up to the C.O. I forgot to salute him.  My HMCS, asked me if I remember how to salute, then it hit, "oh shit, I did not salute the Captian".  Later that week I got a chance to tell him I was sorry for not saluting him.  He said, it happens sometimes and laughed it off.    I was sad to hear that the Ancorhage was made into a reef.  

    Later,  Richard A. chuck Fegley  "Doc"




  • Was on the USS Anchorage LSD-36 from 1993-1996 was the Ship's Photographer and worked in S-3 Division, and was the Chief Master At Arms during my last deployment because the Chief Master At Arms retired in Hawaii

    Very much enjoyed duty on the Anchorage.. Amazing looking at the Old photos and seems like yesterday.....UNTIL I LOOK IN THE MIRROR THAT IS...




  •  my name is jeff rude i was a commisaryman on the anchorage from 1972 to late 1975.  was in operation frequent wind and have been to just about every country  in southeast asia. still have dreams of being on the ship.

  • Hi Douglas, First ship was the Alamo, also an LSD-33 now sits at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of South America. When they decommissioned the Alamo, they sold it to one of the Artienian Navy... Well it was said that they had a  fire in the Boiler room and instead of fighting it, the crew jumped ship and it sunk.

    I enjpyed my time there, but I was also on the Anchorage as the Ship's Photographer, and Master-At-Arms which I also enjoyed. When the Chief Master At Arms retired during WestPac, I was senior MAA so I got to use the Stateroom for the rest of the time on PAC.... Kind of miss those days and at sea too

  • Served TAD on an LCM8 in 73 or 74
  • USS Anchorage (LSD 36)

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The Anchorage trip to Anchorage Alaska

I am a member of Under that web site I can see various info about the Anchorage's history. I am trying to find out how to get ahold of shipmates that may have info about our trip to Anchorage, AK back in 70 or 71. I happened to be in Anchorage a couple years ago and I visited their historical society and was asking about our visit, they said they had no record of our visit only the newest USS Anchorage a few years back.

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