The fifth USS America (CVA/CV-66) was one of four Kitty Hawk-class super carriers built for the United States Navy in the 1960s
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  • The USS America anchored in the St. John river for four days in May 1977.

    Anyone got any pictures of the ship or the area during that time?

    One day while on liberty, I walked South of Mayport through some residential neighborhoods and then East to the Atlantic coast.  There was a thunderstorm way out over the Atlantic.  After walking maybe a mile South down the coast, I came to a jetty and there was a huge school of mullet on the South side of the jetty.  It was impressive and the memories are vivid.  Problem is that I find any indication today that such a jetty ever existed at such a location. 

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • When the subject comes up, l say. I saw Africa from both ends, became a Shellback. Watched the bomb flashes from the air strikes on Hyong . Adventure that can not be had in the Navy now.  The adventure must be their now only different.  Liberty all over the Med. I have heard that they no longer pay in cash  as they did when I was in. Take it or leave it.

    All from the deck of the America CVA 66. Never want shore duty again!

  • Reported aboard while she was completing her major overhaul in Portsmouth Navel Ship Yard, VA.  in 1975.  I was newly married and fresh out of AN/SPS-48A school.  As an FTM1, I was in charge of the newly installed AN/SPS 48A radar system.  We did a South America cruse to serve as a training ship for the Brazilians to equality for carrier landings.  This included crossing the Equator both ways.  There were only about 800 Shellbacks on the way down and about 4,000 on the way home.  Our first deployment to the Med after the yard was the first deployment of the F-14 Tomcat.  It was a good cruse.  Our daughter was born while the ship was in port in Italy.  I detached for shore duty at Dam Neck in 1978.

  • Meant to say in comments that I was just out to see if I knew anybody
  • On board from 75- 77.....A gang just out , was just a dumb kid then , sorry I didn't take full advantage of the opportunity that I had at the time .would sure like to hear from anyone that remembers me. Having said that, great ship even better friends

  • Deployed on the America in 1972 to 1973 with Squadron VA 86, A-7C planes to Gulf of Tonkin. Was an AQ in the Integrated Weapons Team working on the aircraft and weapons guidance systems.

  • Deployed on the America with VF-102. PR1. 1990-1992.

  • I was onboard from 1987 to 1992. I was in OED Division. Made the Med/IO in 89 and the two back to back cruises in 1990/1991.

  • EM3 assigned to the Arresting Gear from '79-'81. One Med cruise and two trips to St. Thomas...oh yeah, and about a year in dry dock at Portsmouth.

  • I was an AME-AA attached to VAQ-132. Didn't see much of the cruise or the ship due to mess cooking. Only partial cruise, no more.

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Collision at sea

I was with a squadron (RVAH3) on a ten day carrier qual sometime around 70-72 out of Norfolk. Anyway we had a collision with a foreign vessel and I believe it was on the port side but I am not sure. I recall hearing that the fuel lines had been cleared and vented before impact and that it was our fault for not yielding the right of way. We knew the hit was unavoidable about twenty minutes prior. Anyway, the damage wasn't too extensive and was above the water line. Does anyone happen to remember…

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