The U.S. Navy's ability to project its combat power ashore in Southeast Asia, control the coastal waters off Vietnam, and provide logistic support for a major U.S. overseas military commitment mandated its heavy involvement in the Vietnam War. Naval operations took place in the South China Sea, among myriad islands, along the coastline of Vietnam, and on thousands of nautical miles of rivers and canals.

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  • My first duty station was Cam Ranh Bay [Oct 1970 - Apr 1971]; If in the Nam, this was great duty.

    Next was Ops Base Kien An [Apr - Sept 1971]; Sandbag Heaven, as it was nicknamed! The base was about over-ran a month before I was stationed there... We were the replacements. We had screened in barracks to rest in, and we slept in sandbag bunkers at night. I worked on the "Ammi", repair barge, and watch duty in the tower which had a M60 & twin M50 machine guns mounted inside, along with a M79 grenade launcher and my trusty M16. My other watch station was on top of our sleeping bunker, with a M60 machine gun.. It was next to our smaller mortar station. It was a small base, with a molt, and only around 40 of us assigned there. The only way to it was by boat... the land side was VC territory. Earned my combat action ribbon there!

  • IMG_0467.JPG Attached is a picture of my father. He was in Da Nang in the mid to late 60's. I'm looking for any of his Vietnam buddies. If anyone recognizes him please message me.

  • I was in NSA Da Nang DE Security from Dec 68 to Dec 69.  AO was from Covered Storage to Marble Mountain. Billeted at Camp Carter & Marble Mountain.

    Any shipmates out there?

  • My first impression of Viet Nam was running across the runways from the jet (747, I think) during a rocket atack in Da Nang. It went downhill from there. I did complete 3 back-to-back tours 69-71.Starting at Camp Tien Sha in DaNang & ending @ NSF Cam Rahn Bay...

  • The very first watch I stood in 'Nam was up on the bow of the ship on a mid- watch with an M1 Garand looking for swimmers with bombs to stick on the ship.

    They didn't give me any ammo......

  • Served with COMNAVFORV 68-69 started in communications and worked TAD as an illustrator in COMNVAVFORV Graphics. Came from an east coast mine sweeper that was headed for a total re-fram (USS Exultant MSO-441)

  • See this website for more information about my service on the USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) ...


    Memories of an ordinary sailors service on the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) during the Vietnam War.
  • I served aboard the USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) from 1964 to 1968 ... three cruises to Westpac with South China Sea and Tonkin Gulf patrols off the coast of Vietnam. I was a shipfitter metalsmith (SFM) assigned to the R Division of the Engineering Department.

  • I came aboard USS Hector (AR-7) in Vung Tau, Republic of South Vietnam on Feb.23, 1972 and it had it's hook in the mud for two weeks while we worked on all types of ARVN ships.  A few weeks later, we dropped our hook in Da Nang two different times and worked on U.S.Navy ships, doing everything from re-barreling guns to patching up bomb and shell holes.  

  • I served with MINDIV 112 at Nha BA, Cam Rhan and Dang Nang. Looking for fellow shipmtes.


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