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  • Was an instructor @ RD 'A" School and ECM Class "C" schools from 1963 to 1966.

  • BP&E school, then Engineman A school IN 70 before shipping out to Assault Craft Unit One and VN
  • Would like to find this patch, served as an EN A School Instructor 1979 to 1981

  • Does anyone have a copy of thier Graduation certificate from Class "A " BT School? . All my Navy stuff,uniforms,Medals,certificates were lost in a house fire in the early 70's. Iv'e managed to get my medals replaced through the Enlisted Navy records facility in St Louis,Mo, and all my certificates with from Tiffany Publishing Co in Norfolk Va.with  the exception of my BT "A"' School certificate. I can scan and send you a copy of my DD-214 form which shows my attendance at BT "A School. Thank You.

  • Instructed EN "A" School from 1979 to 1982
  • I also attended MM "A" School and probably lived in the same barracks as Paul, but I was there from Sept. '65 to Dec. '65. I couldn't understand why we shifted to blues shortly after I arrived, but the next week it snowed and then there was always snow on the ground the rest of the time I was there. I returned to MM "A" School, only it was then called Propulsion Engineering School (PE School) in June '74 as an Instructor. I started in the 600 PSI Hot Plant then became a Plank Owner in the 1200 PSI Hot Plant. I remember that tour well, as I made Chief while I was there. I loved the duty but hated the weather, both in the winter (too cold and too white) and summer (just too hot and humid).
  • Hello ... I was assigned to MM "A" School in Great Lakes from December 1972 through Apr 1973.  Lived right across from the Enlisted Men's Club.

  • I went to B.P.&E. and M.M.A. schools from Oct.1970 to Feb.1971.
  • MM-A School in 93
  • Boot and OS "A" school right here in the winter and spring of 1974-75
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The TD detachment at SSC/NTC Great Lakes 1978-1979

In 1978 I was a TD-2 assigned with the TD detachment at the Gas Turbine School where the Perry Class FFG engine room trainer was located. The TD's were required to check the locks on every door in the building and make sure all of the interior lights were off after hours. I received training by DEC on the DEC PDP 11/70 msin frame computer that operated the GE trainer and the new trainees would go on 12 hour simulated cruises using that trainer to simulate problems the crews might experience…

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