Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity, Long Beach, California
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  • I was at Sima 87-89 I started in the lagging shop then transferred to the boiler shop. It looks like everyone drove those vans they had me drive them for over 6 months they always put me in the big white van that thing was junk. I worked in the lagging shop hey Brian do you remember the boxing gloves in the lagging shop if I remember right Cox tagged you good. Is this the Stillwell that drove the hog with a bicycle horn on it? I remember the beer truck at the party.

  • Worked in the lagging shop, R1 Division Office, Office, Repair Officer Admin and the DC shop. Looking for HT2 Mike Brew and many others that I served with. Best time of my life serving with these people!
  • Thanks Jeff....I was there until I got out...and went there straight from A school...don't know now if that was lucky or not...LOL...I would have much rather gone to the fleet and been cruising...but I was a dumb kid and didn't know better...LOL....but I got injured on the Antietam and they booted me...:( son is in pensacola for A school right now....I am reliving my experiences through a great day!!!

  • Hi Ronald..always good to get another member here..I was long gone from SIMA when you got there..STG doing reserve PMS and then worked in the transportation department..

  • I was at SIMA LB from 1989 to 1991.  Worked in the EM shop and Electric Motor Rewind shop.  EM1 Haynes was such a Hoot!! EM1 Edwards from the Outside Electrical Shop was a Great Guy too...Miss those days!!!  Still talk to EM3 Smith, EM3 Herbert and EM3 Pelton...

  • I was at sima from 89-93, worked in 38A outside machine shop.

  • I was there beginning of 86-to end of 87..ended up there in transportation. I had a good time there..shore duty was good after being on my first two ships.
  • Imiss some of the folks I served with at Sima. I wonder how many on the waterfropnt remebers this old fart doing Diesel Inpections
  • Hey Russell good to see you you can tell we don't get a lot of activity here
  • Served at SIMA Long Beach from about 190 to 192 when I retired. I wa in R@ and ran the engine shop
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