• David, I think Terry took those several years ago during the demolition work! It looks quite different now! Use Bing maps and the "bird's eye view" and you can see what I mean!

    • Kind of sad seeing it all destroyed like that.Coming from Virginia and 18, NTC had a certain smell of newness that I will never forget. I was thinking about taking a trip out this Summer but if it is all changed then maybe it's a waste of time.

    •   Jeff, I think you will be surprised at NTC,  My wife and Grandson and I stayed 3 nites there for the first time in 62 years, Our hotel was about 200 feet from the USS recruit.  The old barracks and mess halls have been removed, but most of the buildings are still there.  The grinders are now parks and parking lots.  Everything is landscaped very nice.  There are new condos and a medical clinic mostly on the north side.  Look on google earth street view.  The channel where we had whale boat races is still there, jogging paths etc along.  There are a couple markets and shops at the west end.   Ron B.

  • Those are some great pictures, Looks like there getting ready to build something they tore up the grinders.Thanks for the Memories I enjoyed them.

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