A "plank owner" is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission, recommissioning or decommissioning.
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  • In light of recent events with the "Bonny Dick" I offer my condolences
    • Disaster to be sure, to the scrap yard now. I second your comment.
  • Proud Plank Owner CVA 31 USS Bon Homme Richard
    • Raymond...GREAT to hear from another Plank Owner from days gone by. Did you enjoy your time in Key West as much as I did?
  • ATTENSION ALL PLANK OWNERS: Lets hear from you and how you are faring during this G@!#&^&*!M Pandemic. "ALL HANDS" here &@ the Damicone compound are in GOOD SHAPE.
  • Am a proud Plank Owner from the USS John R. Perry DE-1034)

  • Plank Owner on the USS Kishwaukee AOG 9, 1965 Portland, OR.

  • I am a Plankowner on USS MONTEREY (CG-61) (16 JUN 1990) and USS COLE (DDG-67) (8 JUN 1996).  I am also tecnically a Plankowner with Afloat Training Group, as I was assigned to FTU Mayport when it switched to ATG, and also a Plankowner of the Delbert Black National Chief's Mess in DC.

  • I was a plank owner in USS FRESNO (LST-1182) when commissioned in Nov 1969.  OPS Boss for two years after.  We grew up on that tour.  Two years, two WESTPACs.

  • USS Waddell DDG-24, was plank owner,1963
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USS South Carolina CGN-37

I was a member of the First Increment of the Pre-Commissioning Crew for the USS South Carolina, DLGN-37 (changed to CGN-37 after commissioning).  I was initially assigned to the Pre-Commissioning Crew of the USS Nimitz, CVN-68, but it was behind its construction scheduled and my orders were cancelled.  I was still on the USS Enterprise, CVN-65, and the ship was preparing for another cruise to Vietnam.  I then requested the South Carolina and was glad to receive my orders.  When those orders…

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