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  • EW "A" School August 1978 to Feb, 1979

    EW "C" School Oct. 1987 to April 1988

    Instructor/Course Manager SLQ-32(V)2 Maintenance May 1991-May 1994

  • EW "A" and "C" Schools May '93 - May '94...spent way too much time and money at Rumrunner, Seville Quarter, and Richey's!  Went on to the USS John A. Moore (FFG-19) and later the National Guard.  Now a contractor for the Army working at TRADOC Capability Manager Electronic Warfare at Fort Gordon.

  • Rich Steiger, NCTC april 1970-september 1970. CT "A" school, "R" branch.  CTR1 Manny Morino, Instructor.  Great guy and a great class of guys

  • Arrived at Pensacola "A" school in January 70 till June 70.  Great place.  Met a beautiful gal there named Betty Jones who was the most beautiful gal I had ever laid eyes on.  Wish I knew how to contact her.  My first bunk was in the older barracks, then moved to the high rise one. 

  • Was there from 9/61 to 4/62 then went to Sidi Yahia. Also made a few good friends there.
  • Went to CT school at Corry Field from July 66 till about May of 67.  Attended Basic R, Basic T, Advanced T and Elint schools.  Basic was a breeze as I had taken typing in junior high and Morse code in the scouts.  Relaxing on the beaches, chasing the gals, shooting pool, slot cars at the rec center.  It was a great time.  Then at graduation, orders to Adak.

  • I attended ET "A" School from November 1986 to March 1987.  Thoroughly enjoyed P'cola and all the fun we had downtown (Trader's) and out at the beaches.

  • I attended Cryptog Tech "O" branch training at NTTTC Corry from Nov. 1988 to Apr 1989. Met some great people and had a great time.

  • Hey, Linda!  

    CTT "A" School Feb 1981 - Oct 91

    Hate code to this day :)

  • "A" school - Jan 1981 - Oct 1981 - still have close friend from when we went through a school together - anyone remember stickin code?

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Corry Field

Attended Communications Technician Class "A" school "O" branch fm 2/68 to 6/68...arrived a few weeks after Korean's captured the "PUEBLO"...shapes of things to come....great times along the Gulf Coast while there all the way to Biloxi until Hurricane Camille hit and eradicated those memories. I remember  the names of a few Lown, Puff , Dyckman..wonder where they are now. here's a shout out

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I attended Cryptographic Technician - "O" Branch training at NTTC Corry Station - Pensacola, FL from July of 1978 to October of 1978.  I made some great friends at Corry, and I loved the Pensacola area.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers "Trudy Kreger" from that timeframe.  My first duty station was NCS Rota, Spain (1978 to 1980).  My second and last duty station was Keflavik, Iceland (1981 to 1982).  I retired from the Federal Government last December, with 30 years of service.  I…

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