Returning to NTC subsequent to basic.

Six months after completing Basic, I was returned for SK A school. Most of my class was identified as being under the Adm Halsey plan. Return experienced sailors to A school so that they would understand better.Our second day as a class were were contricting the Instructor about what it was really like in the fleet.Most of us had worked in the Supply Departments and knew the DD 1150 inside out along with a lot of the up to date changes in the BUSANDA Manual! About six of us was pulled out of the class room to work on curriculium changes. First we had to did out all the manual up dates that had been tossed into a closet. The the staff had to read and learn, and we typed. One thing most of us became good at on the ships was typing.

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  • Hi Tony,  Always good to hear from a fellow Hospital Corpsman!  I was an HM-2 when I was in Viet Nam in 1969. I worked hard to get promoted when I joined the Navy after running out of money attending the University of North Dakota.  I felt it was better being in charge. At the time I was in the Navy I also passed the HM-1 Leadership exam but I would have had to extend to make HM-1.  I started Nursing School right after discharge so I declined. I had looked at the NENEP program for the Navy but first disqual was that I wore glasses and the second six months later was that I was over 24. Did you spend time with the Marines? (8404) I am close friends with another corpsman who informed me in 2006 that they had closed the NTC (unbelievable) Went down there in 2007 and toured in preparation for a small reunion of my corps school class (27-68). I have located 45 of my 62 member class as of now. Some have died, some were wounded in Viet Nam but none of us were killed there. Reunion was great.  We picked up where we left off in mid conversation.  Was friend even with people we didn't like. The number who came was short because of my contracting Multiple Myeloma and they felt we need to do this quick. (Agent Orange) They want me to set up another but it is a lot of work.  I spent thousands of hours and thousands of phone calls to just contact the members to put the list together. Sorry about carrying on, but I am a drug called   decadron today that makes me a bit hyper.  I am somewhat proud of being able to contact all these men.  Will write again.  Semper Fi shipmate,  Terry Schiele  RN (HM-2)

  • I returned to NTC back in 1991 while I was stationed at the 1st SRIG CAMPEN, CA when I was called back to active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm. Attached is a copy of my certificate of completion of the course April 26th 1991. 

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