Naval Submarine base, New London, Groton, Connecticut
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  • I was their 74-75 shore duty. work out of R-6 Div HT wield shop.Love the time I was


  • I was attached to the Periscope shop on Lower Base From 1976-1978 as an OM2  Then again from 1990-1992 from where I retired off the Charles W. Morgan.

  • A few Fridays ago I got up and decided to take a day trip to the subase in Groton. In the 20 plus years since I have been there, rotten Groton has not changed all that much (at least not along rt 12). Unless I missed them I did not see that Submariner Widow hangout across from Duncan Donuts and of course the Groton landmark - "Rosie's."

    The base has added a new gate, it is right next to the package store. It runs through what was the upper part of the athletic field.There are two gates to get onto the base and only one to  leave the base and that is the main gate. The north gate and the one by the racquet ball complex are permantley closed. Part of that field is now a training area for military working dogs. The package store is still in tact in the same building, unless they built a new building that looks just like the old building. The Chief's barracks, the enlisted barracks next to it and the EM Club are all gone. The exchange building is still there with some slight modifications. The exchange and lower level food court, etc are still intact. The commissary to the right side is closed and just left empty. To the left there has been an addition, 1st is the uniform shop and to the left of that is the new commissary, just as big and badder as the old commissary. The chow hall is still there. There has been a whole lot of new parking added for the lower base, however, it is all outside of the fence. There is only one gate open for getting onto the lower base and that is the gate across from the Base Chapel.

    NOW! here is the curve of the day. We all hold (at least most of us) our fond memories of the base barber shop. Hold onto your "dixie cups" and other assorted head gear, it is now a Subway! The old waiting area is the seating area for the booths and where we got our hair cut is where they makes the sandwiches. I never went into Dealy Center, I should have to see if the bank and BK were still there. Need to take another trip down there and take some pics one of these days and find the clubs that are missing and see how the lake has changed.

  • I was the Barrack's Manager at the Wave Cage from Jan 78 until the new sub barracks was finished building.  I was then a Billeting Petty Officer during the night shift!  Had fun there!

  • My first duty after YN A school in Bainbridge, MD was the Separation Office on the Sub Base.   I was later transferred to the USS Fulton AS-11, sub tender in New London.  Spent time on deck force, then worked in administration.  ID cards, dog tags, liberty cards, leave papers for both the Fulton and Sub Squadron 10. (1956-1957)

  • was station on the USS Foulton AS-11 in New London and was TAD to the Cecil for 3 days 1977-1979 I also gave tour on the SS-246 Croaker next to Electric Boat and the fishing boat the Hell Cat she was a twin Hull Party boat

  • Was stationed at the Submarine Repair Facility 1977-1979. 

  • I did 3 tours on that base and I'm a surface sailor. In 77 I spent 2 months there going to Radiation Health Technician school at NUMI. From 82-85 I was in the Rad Hlth office at NSSF and from 88 to 92 I was an instructor at NUMI. From there it was Fleet Reserve.

  • First duty assignment out of MT "C" School Dam Neck Va.  Originally assigned to Bancroft but had A-3 Bluebonnet missile training so was eventually reassigned to Patrick Henry.  Taught sailing instruction at Special Services for about 6 months.

  • 1983-1988 Radiology Department at the Naval Hospital on top of the Hill.  

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ISO OM's 1979 - 1981

I'm looking for fellow Opticalman who worked in the periscope shop 1979-1981. Specifically, those who remember installing, removing periscopes, cleaning periscope packing back at the scope shop and treating periscope head windows with 3-Hept. You may remember me as "Duke" Thanks

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