The Charleston Naval Base was located on the west bank of the Cooper River about five miles north of the City of Charleston proper.
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  • I was stationed on the USS Frank Cable then transferred to the female barracks from 86 to 88.
  • USS Jesse L Brown FF-1089 Nov 80-May-82. I liked this base in my own strange way. I lived out in North Charleston when the ship was in, in a trailer park. Kinda miss the old place. I have held 3 reunions for 2 different ships in Charleston. This is a great place for reunions, alot of history especially if you were stationed there, brings back alot of memories. I drove on the base or at least what parts I could and see some old stomping grounds, sad to see it closed and wasting away. Does anyone remember the Flying Dutchman club/bar?

  • USS Jesse L Brown FF-1089, Nov 1980-May 1982. I have held 3 reunions for 2 of my ships in Charleston such a great place for a reunion. It was sad to see the base closed. I drove on part of it and it brought back memories, I kinda miss it in my own strange way. I lived out in town when the ship was in. Who remember the Flying Dutchman Rock on one side and country on the other usually

  • I was stationed at port operations Charleston from 1986 until1989
  • Was first stationed there at the pistol range and station armory. We also operated and maintained the 3" 50 saluting battery guns and the two station magazines. Hard work keeping the grass cut at those spots. Was a wonderful time for a 19 year old E2. Loved every minute of it. Visited NAVSTA Chas lately and was saddened to see how it went to hell.
    Eventually became a north charleston police officer.
  • USS Bordelon DD 881

  • was on the USS Dewey DDG-45 1979-1980

  • NSGA Charleston Oct 81 - Dec 84

  • I was stationed at the Degaussing Station Charleston SC. We had a small base downtown and one on the base in the Cooper River, this was some great duty as a SN striking for Gunner's Mate.
  • Completed two tours of instructor duty at the FBM Submarine Training Center.  Retirted from there in '81.
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NAVSTA 87-90

As XO, helped the CO pass the NAVSTA's firstever HAZMAT inspection in 1987, created the Jim Piner navigation award in 1988, hosted the SNFL change of command in 1988, overcame HUGO Sep 1989, and converted my old ship GARCIA to the Pakistani Navy in 1990.Was fortunate to work for Capt Frank Mark Conway, III and Capt Larry Gionet. Ms Sherri, our secretary, kept it all running.VR/HEL

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