Long Beach base closure

I understand the navy just put a lot of money into the long beach naval base to upgrade it then the mayor made a deal with China to get rid of the navy, which they did.  I remember going aboard the Battleship Nevada twice, once with the boy scouts and when my uncle came back from Saipan.  The Nevada was in dry dock and being painted red to be the bullseye for the atom bomb test. I think a lot of politics and money caused the navy to be forced out.  Hewell Howser the tv guy even when to court to stop it but the mayor of Long
Beach got her wish,

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  • Damn I haven't been to Long Beach sins 87 when I got out.. it's sad to hear what they did to that base.
    I was there 83-87 Comcenter, then Peleliu then SIMA.. it was a nice base ..
  • left Long Beach NS in March 89 and we they had just built a 3 story new barracks and within a couple of years the base was closed and leveled and made into a container yard for China shipping company.  Only Dry Dock One in the Shipyard was still there when I left Ca. in 2000.

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