Base was situated on Terminal Island. Existed mostly to serve the fleet. Closed several yrars ago. Part of the Long Beach Naval Complex.
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  • I was at the comcenter back in 83.
    I was RM3 Sikes...
    Then I went to the USS Peleliu LHA-5
    In 85 on bord I made RM2. Then to SIMA... man all that was a trip..
  • I was part of INACT SHIPS TEAM in 69-71 when Navy put all of the ships out of commission I was EN2 in Inspection team. I did all of Hull testing daily I would take Mil. readings on all ships that were having bottoms painted .I usually had about 4 or 5 ships in dry-dock at a time had 16 sec. Liberty. GREAT DUTY. I also did all of the repair on APL Barge our Offices were on. 

  • I was there on the Haven(AH12). Worse duty station I had in 28 years

  • My first ship the USS Cabildo (LSD 16) was homeported in Long Beach and I was on board her Dec 67 - Mar 70. with a WestPac in '68.  We were usually moored at pier 7, out at pier E (with the New Jersey) or on occasion out on the mole.  We ended up decommissioning the Cabildo on March 31, 1970 at pier 7. We spent the last 90 plus days living in the barracks next to the WAVE barracks. We would play tackle football between the barracks and the ladies would join us.

  • I was on the Prairie in Long Beach, '82-'84.

  • I came aboard the USS Hornet CVS 12 in 1966 in Long Beach and lived in the Naval housing complex until 1970 when we decommissioned her.

  • Jerry I remember that draw bridge.  Held up traffic coming out of Gate 2 every night around 4:30 to 5:00 PM.  Remember Navy Housing over off Santa Fe.  Met my wife at the Fabulous West there at Santa Fe and PCH.  Good Time Had at that Base.

  • By the way served at the Commissary Store there in Receiving and was on the USS Prairie there.

    I liked long beach naval Station but housing was something else across that bridge where most of you remember who lived in that area gun shots were a common sound at night

  • Ronald I talked to a friend that told me that the USMC wanted to purchase the Naval Base when it closed and had contacted the Department of defense but then President Clinton refused to gave it over to the Chinese Chipping Company

    I assume that move was to pay for all of that contribution money given to Bill Clinton when he was running. Funny thing...MMMmmm The money donated to Bill Clinton came from the Red Chinese military so it makes perfect sense why Clinton refused to give the base to the Marines.


  • was assigned to SIMA there at the NS 1987-1989

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Shore Duty at NAVSTA Long Beach

After departing the USS Missoui BB-63 mid Sep 1987, became a K-9 handler till 1991. Lived in base housing off of Santa Fe also. Was hoping to remember some of the names of the civilain Police Officers that I served w/ but, can not. I saw on Google that the base is now a container shipping terminal .

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Long Beach base closure

I understand the navy just put a lot of money into the long beach naval base to upgrade it then the mayor made a deal with China to get rid of the navy, which they did.  I remember going aboard the Battleship Nevada twice, once with the boy scouts and when my uncle came back from Saipan.  The Nevada was in dry dock and being painted red to be the bullseye for the atom bomb test. I think a lot of politics and money caused the navy to be forced out.  Hewell Howser the tv guy even when to court to…

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