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  • Old enough to remember....Too old to participate.....

  • The sad thing here....none of these stories will ever happen again...I've seen posts where guys were looked at as "BAD" if they were married...lived on base..and had a couple of beers when they were off duty...

  • Hey Richard,I don't know much about the crew on your ship,but after being out at sea for four or five weeks,the swabbies on my ship were more than happy to finally pull into port...any port...and go find the nearest "welcome committee" and kinda  "VENT their FRUSTRATIONS" if you know what I mean....It seems "COMMON SENSE" seems to get lost after a few ASAHIS or SAN MIGUELS,and don't seem to worry much about the "DAY AFTER"...whether it's a hangover,or the dreaded "DRIZZLING DRIPS" or the "CREEPY CRAWLERS"...of course HIND-SIGHT always kicked in a day or so later,but they took care of that little discrepancy,and just couldn't wait for the next installment....SO GLAD  that is all behind me,EXCEPT FOR THE MEMORIES.

  • I did three West Pacs, I must have fallen in love in the PI at least 8 times if not more! 

  • One of the Corpsman on my ship had a ball cap made up by a local embroidery shop.  It featured a giant red crab louse on the front and "Crab Hunter" across the back in gold thread.

    You could see that hat from a long ways off... 

  • I just found some of my pictures from my time in the Navy as a corpsman that I will be uploading later.  By the way it is corpsman, not corpseman as that guy in the White House states.

    I lost about 97% of all my pictures, and things from those days.  I had a house fire in 2005 that I lost most things, then in 2011 a flood swept away what little remained.  I have know idea how what I do have survived.  The part of my house burning that was hard on me and my son ( he is a VMI grad. He was a Captian/Comp. Commander with the 101st Airborne in Afganistan).  Some of his momento's were also lost.  I am hoping some friends and family may have a few more things for me.

  • I was a corpsman, aka "perker checker" on Okinawa as well as other locations of the far east.  I had very few cases of the creeping critters or the STD's.  Maybe my stories to the sailors and marines of how I would have to treat such things had some effect.  It was one of my ways to amuse myself with the marines.  But, mostly it was because most of the sailors and marines were using some common sense.

  • I admit I did have to visit the Corpsman ( known as "pecker checkers" at that time ) to help me get rid of some strange looking little creatures crawling all over me...he he he

  • I fell in love in the PI, Korea, and Okinawa - but not VN! And lucked out never needing the love of the corpsman, accept for sutures (dozens), pneumonia, and constipation.
  • Seaman Benson, are you sure it wasn't your first true love in Subic then the Corpsman, second true love in Yokosuka then the Corpsman and third true love in Kobe and the Corpsman again? LOL

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Time in rate

I saw an old post about age requirements to advance.I don't think there was an age requirement.I was a kiddie cruiser.Joined 2 weeks before my 18th birthday.I hit the testing schedule just right.I was a Radioman when they were rating at 100% during the Cuban missle crisis.I made RM2/E5 in less than 3 years.

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I'm wondering if we can use this forum and not have people get lost!

I have been informed by our CO, Mr Karr that these forums may work a little better than the "comments" section. So, I am going to try an experiment and see if we can do some house cleaning in this command! Excuse me! Sorry, I meant swab the deck!Somehow the comments have reversed themselves and the most recent comments show up at the end instead of the beginning.We have to be supportive of Doug these days as the site seems to be experiencing a growth spurt, which is good!

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