I have been informed by our CO, Mr Karr that these forums may work a little better than the "comments" section. So, I am going to try an experiment and see if we can do some house cleaning in this command! Excuse me! Sorry, I meant swab the deck!

Somehow the comments have reversed themselves and the most recent comments show up at the end instead of the beginning.

We have to be supportive of Doug these days as the site seems to be experiencing a growth spurt, which is good!

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  • With the price of copper these days, that .02 has gone up in value!

    It was a temporary glitch that got solved the minute Doug recognized it! It threw us all off kilter for a while! The latest posts are now always on top. Which is more than I can say for myself!

  • Should be a setting.."Show newer posts first"or something to that effect...would also help to "PRUNE" out some of the older posts..that haven't gotten any recent replies....just my .02...3439423328?profile=original

  • I pointed it out to Doug and he's looking into it! It does add another step to see what's up! That is just what most of us don't need is to have to take another step! I'm not going to bug him too much about it. After all, David has already reamed him about the "censor" and the word "hole"! Hahaha

    I am not sure what he's gonna do as the numbers and activity on this site are increasing daily! I told Doug not to hesitate to ask those who have been here for a while to help out! I know Asche is just aching to become an administrator! hehehe

  • Yea don't worry Jim! It's not dementia! It seems even the technology world is going to discriminate against age! All of a sudden one had to go all the way to the last page to see what the latest news was! It might be just the site getting even with Asche for complaining so much! LOL
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