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At 10:40am on August 28, 2017, Paul Hosse said…

Wow. Now that sounds like having a Navy "adventure".  Didn't do anything like that. Funny that you mentioned the Army, etc. I had always intended on joining the Army. Wanted to go Armor (and Ft. Knox was just down the road was a plus). Wanted to go to Germany after that. There wasn't anything I didn't know about tanks back then, regardless of country of origin. But circumstances changed all that. As John Lennon once said, "life happens while you're busy making plans".  Tried to go Air Reserve after I got out. They wouldn't take me. Neither would the Army Reserve. Years later, I met up with a guy at work who went in the Navy the same time I did (Frank Ulry). Was the same rate/rank that I was. Had similar knee injuries like I did. Got out when I did...and joined the Army Reserves! Stayed in for 30! Was a recruiter most of the time I think up in Indiana. Oh well. Speaking of TI, I recall a gal (can't remember her name) but she was from Bakersfield. She was being medically discharged and had to stay on medication. She was a nympo. Seriously. That's why the medication, otherwise she could potentially hurt herself (seems that she got real aggressive too). I remember an incident where she hadn't taken her meds, and she tried to scale the side of Security's Building where some guy she knew was locked up for being AWOL. They had to get a ladder to get her down. Meanwhile, they got her meds for her. Put in one of those gray security trucks and took her to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. The was the last I ever saw of her. I heard that the next day, someone clean out her locker and boxed everything up. I was told to check out her records and take it up stairs to Security (and give it to that Lt. I didn't like). While she was on her meds, she was quiet; almost meek. Very friendly and nice. But off her meds, she was totally different! I'm on several of these Navy sites, including two related to RTC Orlando. I haven't found anyone I used to run around with. No one at all from Boot Camp or RTTC Millington. Well, it sounds like you have quite the adventure and a lot of stories to pass on. 

At 1:21pm on August 27, 2017, Paul Hosse said…

 Yeah, I was all over that place a lot. I found several articles and some news spots about it. I recall seeing  big dump trucks come onto the island every now and again.  They said they were building of the sides since the island settles every so often, but rarely did I see them dump anything. When I did, it was most big slabs of concrete with rebarb. I remembered the name name of the Yeoman I previously mentioned. Her name was Linda. She was an E-5 I believe. The other guy in the office with us was an PN1 named Scott Withrow. Didn't like him much. Very "by the book" individual who liked playing practial jokes on people, but hated it when it was turnabout. I remember a guy who ran our barracks by the name "Campbell". Real friendly. I recall a Chief back in Seperations by the name of R.S. Reyes. As I recall, he was Fillipino. Didn't have much dealings with him.  There's a few more. If I remember them, I'll pass their names a long just in case they ring a bell. Yeah, it was hard getting to know anyone, but that's the nature of a transit base.  I do remember hearing about someone cutting their wrists. I was told to go pull their files and bring them upstairs to Security (I checked them out under their name). I also remember an AWOL. The Master at Arms walked over and said he needed someone to ride up with him and pick up a guy that the police (Fresno?) were holding. They needed someone qualified with a sidearm (which I was). Chief Moffett asked me if I was interested and I said sure. So I walked across the hall and checked out a 45.  We jumped into one of those gray security vans and off we went. I don't recall much about the guy. We switched out handcuffs and loaded him in. Seems like he was slender; kinda tall. Brown hair with a beard. Didn't say much on the way back. On another occassion, I remember Chief Moffett asking me if I would go on a detail to Guana for a "body count". I said yes, and he said he would check with someone (don't recall who). Turned out it Jonesboro. Instead, they sent me and one other over the their "church" to assist the FBI. Just loaded boxes is all we did.  I would occassionaly be sent up to Adak. Caught a ride out of Moffett Field. I enjoyed TI the most. Didn't like Millington much, but it had its perks. Hated Norfolk/D&S Piers. Liked Orlando. I had a good friend from TI stopped by for a visit a few weeks ago. He lives in Australia. Hard to beleive he's a grandfather! Doesn't seem that long ago. 

At 10:03am on August 26, 2017, Paul Hosse said…

Whoa...didn't know about the raditation! very interesting. I know there was some secured sites on the island, however, I had access to everything.  I need to check that out. I finally remembered Sherry's full name. It was Sherry Dixon. She was all of 5' with red hair and the temper (and humor) to go with it. There was a typist in the back where they did seperations named Marty. Must have been in his late 30's back then; balding and a little heavy set. Wore black frame glasses. Still lived with this mother as I recall. Very kind guy.  I suspect Debbie might have come after me. Chief Moffett usually stayed in his office. Rarely he would pop out to ask a question. I think I have the names of a few others around here. I'll see if I can find them.  

At 11:47am on August 22, 2017, Paul Hosse said…

No doubt we must have seen each other daily and spoke a few times. I don't recall at Marine in the office at the time. Was this after May 21, 1979? If so, she may have been my replacement. It could be that Sherry, Margie, and Barb retired. Did you know Richard Johnson or Chief Moffett? Who was that Lt in charge of security? He was "by the book" on everything. I've gone online and looked at some pictures of TI. Very little is left. I think the theater is there (if I recall, it was near the EM Club).  I think some of docks are there. The marina is gone, but the museum was still there. They moved some of those big concrete statues from the World's fair up to the museum too. Ironicly, I was always fasinated by the bullet hold helmet of Ernie Pyle which was on display there. I just learned that it's now at the Patton Museum just down the road. A few days ago, a close friend from TI stopped by to visit, Joe Riticca. He lives in Australia. Hadn't seen him in years. Did you even know a Todd Nichol or Cindy Gilger? Where did you work in Louisville----Ford or GE? 

At 3:35pm on August 21, 2017, Paul Hosse said…

I was at TI frm early 78 until May 79. I was on the first floor, Personnel Office, directly across Security (Master of Arms). My boss was Chief Moffett. We had three female civilian typists in the office. One was an older lady with bright red hair named Sherry. She was a hoot! Real fiesty. Another, much calmer, woman was Margie. Both were close to retirement then. Then there was Barbara. She was also older; a black lady (and I say "Lady" in the truest sense of the word. She was from Oakland. Really liked her. We had a female Yeoman. A black gal. Can't remember her name, but she was an ass. Always had a chip on her shoulder. Then we had PN1 Richard Johnson. I remember down the hall there was a really nice typist named Betty and guy named Howard. He was a little heavy set and bald. Very nice guy. 

At 9:10pm on March 11, 2013, Paul Hosse said…

I remember the Post Office and some of the people over there. I agree, we had to have known each other. Who did you remember from Personnel?

At 3:49pm on February 4, 2013, Charlie Strickland said…
Hello Paul; I see you are from Marion,In. Will lucky for me my ship's reunion this fall in Sept. will be in INDY, finally I can drive to one, my wife an I have attended every Oriskany reunion since 1998. We hosted it in Evansville, in 2005, always have a great time at them. I do enjoy seeing all the Mighty "O" shipmate's at them. Just keeping in touch with a fellow Hoosier. Charlie Strickland
At 10:11am on September 21, 2009, (Salty Dawg) Gary Harman said…
Indiana Reunion would be great!
At 2:16pm on July 21, 2009, (Salty Dawg) Gary Harman said…
Great to hear from you and hope that life is treating you right. I grew up in Elkhart and still live in the area after living west for 30 years.
At 7:27am on July 20, 2009, William (Bill) Karr ETC(SS) said…
Thanks, Paul
All help in growing our membership is greatly appreciated.
At 6:56am on July 18, 2009, William (Bill) Karr ETC(SS) said…
Welcome Aboard, Paul!

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