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At 12:37am on April 30, 2018, philip hembrey said…

thank you so much for welcoming, i will certainly spend time uploading photos and writing about my father , it is an honor to meet you

At 7:18pm on April 29, 2018, Thomas Carlos said…

Thank you for the welcome!

At 4:17pm on April 23, 2018, Martin A Brent said…

Thanks for becoming my online friend, Dave.  It so happens that I just got through telling Ron Zimmerman Sr of about the tiny Great Sitkin group on Navy Vets, + the fact that joining is free.  He is a dynamic person, so I'm sure he'll follow up.  As Ron wished me in a reply to an earlier email to him: Fair winds and following seas,


At 6:11pm on April 13, 2018, Emmet Molloy said…

Thanks for the welcome, looks like an interesting forum. 

At 4:43pm on April 6, 2018, Thomas constantine said…
I did boot camp and hospital corps school at great lakes
In 1970
7o to 74 at chelea naval hospital 70 to 74
My first paticent was a "self inflicted" gunshot wound from vietnam in the nerosurgery ward
Later on to general surgery ward
Great people and friends at both places
Boston great town
In 73 on to field medical school at camp mo#it in north carolina
Then on to 2/6 with marines
Cruise to viegas pr on uss fort snelling
Then a med cruise in 73
Great times there
Keep it touch all
At 9:33am on April 2, 2018, MT1 Richard L. Van Natta said…
Thank you for the "Welcome Aboard", David! As soon as my arthritic fingers will let me, I intend to enjoy finding and reconnecting with former shipmates and some new ones as well!
At 12:48am on March 28, 2018, Jose Vidal said…
Thank you very much.
USS Ranger CV-61 1989-92
V-1 Division ABH ROOFRAT
Ship's Company
At 12:53pm on March 26, 2018, Martin A Brent said…

You're 100% welcome!  And thanks for YOUR reply to my question.  The 'y' at the end made me think it could be South Afrikaans because of the British influence there.  But then it's not much different in the US, is it?  But the fact that your dad came to this continent as an infant kind of dashes my hopes to converse with you in Dutch at a future re-union, although that doesn't lessen my looking forward to meeting you in person then.

In a reply to Lee I wrote that my being Dutch earned me the nickname "Wooden shoes" on the Great Sitkin, later shortened to just "Shoes", so that's how I'll sign off from now on.  As I urged him in doing so,

Hang in there and eat organic to stay healthy,


At 10:06pm on March 25, 2018, Martin A Brent said…

Thanks for the welcome, Dave.  Is your last name Zuid Afrikaans, Dutch or Belgian?  Although the name Brent is not really Dutch, I joined the Navy when I was still a Dutch immigrant with the last name Ottow - which isn't really Dutch either!  Changed it to Brent in 1982 after a magazine subscription came back with the last name O'How!  I guess the person filling my subscription was pulling his or her hair out wondering how to spell it, since I often crossed both 't'-s with one line.  But after numerous other misspellings like Ottwa, Otow, Ottou and even Ottawa, THAT was the last straw. You may have had the same kind of experiences with YOUR last name. Well, as one Dutchman to another, Het ga U goed (May it go well with you).  Martin Brent

At 9:47am on March 25, 2018, Edward Badgley said…

I was at Great Lakes. Then on to Glynco GA, and first duty station was NAS Meridian, MS

At 2:43pm on March 23, 2018, Raymond K Smith said…

I was fortunate.  I did 2 years at Cecil and then one year at CRB, RVN(considered Sea Duty) so I never was onboard a ship.//

At 10:00am on March 23, 2018, Candace Sue Pardee said…

Thanks, Shipmate!

At 9:15am on March 23, 2018, Timothy J Jackson said…

Thanks Dave, I always feel at home around a bunch of old salts!

At 8:34pm on March 13, 2018, Stanley W Cohen said…

Thanks David. I plan to !!!!!

At 1:36pm on March 5, 2018, Edwin H Engelmann said…

Thanks. I served aboard The USS Sunfish SSN 649 and also the USS Topeka SSN 754 

At 1:39pm on March 2, 2018, Eddie Floyd Rose, II said…

Thanks for the welcome.

At 3:09pm on March 1, 2018, David Joseph Royer said…

Thank you Every one.

At 3:06pm on March 1, 2018, David Joseph Royer said…

I planned to be a ETCM by 20 years and stay on to 30 years.  I got out in just under 12 years

At 3:02pm on March 1, 2018, David Joseph Royer said…

I will be 78 in September, I was in RTC San Diego on my 19th birthday. It was an honor to serve in the USN.  I had a terrible Mustang XO my last tour on the Bowditch so when I could I exited the navy. He wanted me to get physical with my crew as he had split service and he had joined in days or Rock and Sholes not the UCMJ. He gave me a terrible evaluation. He wanted a chief with more than 8 years I guess. The PN1 and the SK1 both knew he was trying to get me busted, but the bureau denied that.

At 2:05pm on February 7, 2018, Dan Perkins said…

Thanks for that photo.  What a memory !!!

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