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At 7:16pm on June 18, 2019, ALEXANDER R SANABIA said…

Thank you David!  Glad to be part of this fine group of people.

At 1:41am on April 18, 2019, Christopher James Cook said…

 Hey David, you still live in Washington?

At 4:18pm on March 28, 2019, Roger Varo said…

I got a ton of stories after just a couple years on the Point D. Loved shooting the 3"50s. Great fun, I owed that to the best loading crew on the ship. But I would have to say the most standout memory was a 2 day train trip in Taiwan. I loved that country and its people. The little farms the train passed was most interesting. I grew up on a dairy farm and returned there after the Navy. I wanted so bad to check out just everything on their farming methods. I know, that was kind of lame. LOL!

At 12:40am on March 26, 2019, John R. O'Rourke said…

Well, I've been retired 23 years, come Dec. My first recollection as an airdale goes like this. My first Command (VA 34) : We were just going out on work ups on Big John       (CV 67). Anyway, I was showing a fiend of mine (AO2 Parker) around, before we left Pier 12. Being new in the Navy and first time on a carrier, was overwelmed. Like a little kid in a toy store. Got excited and jumped up going thru the hatches, smacked top of head, to this day, still have that bump on top of head. lol, near forgot that day

At 9:54pm on March 25, 2019, Thomas Roy Lewis Jr said…

Me dad was on





Don't have Ships for Uncle Joe - much research

Don't have Ships for Great Uncle Richard Gaffney more research

 will deliver soon for other Navy Family Members. 

Vietnam wasn't anything more than routine and hard work.  Load up during the day, Go out and Strike at Night. But we did a lot of it. Almost got me head blown off with a North Vietnamese 3 inch shell.  Had my rebellious moments but nothing serious. Four tours, two different ships, three dry dock visits two in Long Beach, one in Sasebo Japan.  I do love the sea,and I didn't mind the guys that I worked with, as they say your all in the same boat. 

Gave me a humble understanding of my fellow sailors, their plight, not always good, but mostly they were reasonable men, with common sense.  Was part of the event "Into the Lions Den"  aboard the USS Robison DDG-12.  Lived off based when ever we had dry dock duty.  Was aboard the USS Mahan DLG-11 during the Earth Quake that hit Long Beach.  Ship was in Dry Dock at the time and scared the living daylights out of all of us. 

Saw some crazy Admirals, went to Hong Kong, Subic, Yokosuka, Hawaii, Midway, Guam, San Diego and Long Beach a lot of times.  Got a lot of electronic Training, which put me to work up in Silicon Valley once I got out via Treasure Island.  Honorable Discharged. 

At 2:27pm on March 18, 2019, Bernhard W Behling said…

I can't say I completely enjoyed my time in.  Losing my E4 stripes less than 36 hours after earning them hurt quite a bit, though I completely acknowledge it was my own screwup that lead to that.  I just think the punishment was harsher than it needed to be.  That's what directly lead to my getting out as an E2 after six years instead of making it a career as I'd intended going in.  Ah well, I was young and stupid and actions sometimes have bad consequences. I've gotten smarter about that in the past 40 some odd years.

Navy duty did have its moments though. I'd love to spend time in the Carribean again (my wife refuses to move anywhere south of Virginia), or retire to Mallorca, Spain, a place I totally fell in love with on my first Med cruise. I got to see parts of the world I'd never have seen otherwise, got to play with some really nice "bang-bang" stuff, and generally met and interacted with some really wonderful people.

At 9:56am on March 18, 2019, Tom Witman said…

Thanks David and Jim.

That's quite a ccareer shift, Jim!  Glad it worked out for you.

Yep, I was and always will be a 'submariner'.  It's a 'family' thing amongst us.  I still communicate with shipmates 50 years later.  I served on a missile boat in the Pacific out of Guam but also did TDY's on a diesel boat out of San Diego (USS Pomfret) and a fast attack (USS Scamp).  Like a fool, I served 4 1/2 years of active duty as a LT in Radio and Sonar as well as in the engineering spaces.

Loved every minute!


At 6:19pm on March 17, 2019, Dave Worley said…

Thanks David, happy to be back. I will post some pics soon.

At 10:02am on March 17, 2019, James Vinci said…

Dear David,

As requested:

I was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy in 1966 after completing OCS in Newport RI, and my first assignment was aboard the USS Hickman County, LST 825 in December 1966 as her communications officer. Doing the year+, I was aboard, we operated in the Vietnam delta, various Vietnam costal cities and on the DMZ. My next assignment was with Naval Beach Group One (NBG-1) in Coronado, Ca., albeit I did several TDYs to other locations. Doing that time I was promoted to LTJG and was tentatively going to Monterey for post graduate training but In September 1969, I was transferred to the US Army by the Secretary of Defense and immediately promoted to the Army rank of Captain.

I remained in the Army, reaching the rank of Colonel, with various assignments and worldwide post until I retired in 1992. 

Best Regards,


At 9:52pm on March 16, 2019, Bernhard W Behling said…

I just posted a few photos you might enjoy. These are about all I have left of the hundreds I took when I was in. I lost everything I owned but a few pics I had in an album my dad had when a ruptured gas line and resulting fire destroyed my home and left me living on the streets for a couple years.

At 7:25pm on March 16, 2019, JOEL B Williams JR said…

I am new to this wonderful website, so bare with me (plus I am now 71)!

Joel B. Williams JR (aka "Willie" / "Bennie Williams USNR ADJ3, NAS ATLANTA/MARIETTA. Charter member of VA205 /A4's, F8's, 1972/1975 NAS ATLANTA/MARIETTA GA (I was 22 years old then).

A FEW HIGHLIGHTS/MEMORIES: * My father (now deceased) was Chief J.B. "Willie" Williams UNSNR CPO ADRC  NAS ATLANTA, Chamblee/Marietta, 1940 thru 1968, VP?? and VR54??? He was a rare "lifer' at one base his entire career in the USNR NAS ATLANTA due to his undeniable expertise with aviation and a leader of men. He was hand picked to set up the "NEW: NAS Atlanta Base move from NAS ATLANTA Chamblee (1966/69) and completed that task! * I Graduating Bootcamp (2x6  program, extended to 3 years to get shore duty) @ NAS Memphis in top 10% (1972) and as a result got my pick of shore station, which of course was...NAS ATLANTA/MARIETTA! Yes,  I was a military brat! *Going to the Allatoona Lake NAS Atlanta Recreational Site where a Seabee with last name MINGO was on site manager. * Flying to and from bootcamp from NAS Atlanta to NAS Memphis in a P3 ORION! * Getting PAID to drive my 1963 VW Bug to NAS Mayport for fire fighting school (per diem gas pay)! *Going on summer 2 week cruises with our 4x4 weekend warrior squardrons 3 to 4 times a year...on USN A/C Carriers...Rossevelt, Independence and the Forrestal, MCAS? Yuma, NAS JAX, NAS NOR, NAS Mayport and GITMO (Guantanimo Bay Cuba)! I have hundreds of stories to share and WOULD NOT TRADE ANYTHING FOR ALL THE FRIENDS AND MY TIME in the USNR. ...more to come! Sorry for the ramble!

At 8:10pm on February 12, 2019, Brian O'Connor said…

Yeah, looking for stories /sea stories for a book I'm writing. I already have one book out and am working on two others. First book; IN REPOSE, about diving on the USS Arizona, Second book; HOO YAH DEEP SEA, expected out this year, and third book; SITTING ROUND THE CHARLIE NOBLE, looking at next year. The second and third books are story anthologies.

At 9:52am on February 7, 2019, Jose E. Luna said…

Sorry David, been away from my computer. In response to your question, Yes, I did spend many a time on top deck during flight ops in the little two man room designated for the medical dept. Eyes couldn't, get use to the "red" light that we were required to use at all times while on hard top or in our room. Made for difficult time trying to read anything with the red lights.

At 6:29pm on February 6, 2019, Bryan L. Andrie said…
Yes, USS Pargo, fast attack from March 1979 to August 1983. Nuclear Machinist Mate.
At 7:09pm on February 1, 2019, Jose E. Luna said…

USS Independence CVA-62  Sick Bay Ward #2  Unable to determine which Med deployment this was since I was ships company from 1969 until 1972. I believe we made a minimum of 3 deployments to the med.

At 7:03pm on February 1, 2019, Jose E. Luna said…

At 1:28pm on January 25, 2019, peter joseph bono said…

yes i was on blue ridge from nov 1985 to may 1988, i was the POIC fro the ships armory and the 2 twin 3" gun mounts, i love my time on the blueridge capt heidt busted me from first class po to third class po for assaulting a fellow crew member, it was a very unfair co's mast i contact senator john mccain and he assisted me in getting my stripes back within 30 days, and eventually capt heidt retired as a capt and not as an admiral as he wanted to. i enjoyed my time on the ridge made good friends im looking to contact mark babutzke and larry sirmans if you can help me id appreciate it sail on ridge mate thanks pete

At 4:02pm on January 18, 2019, Gerald A Todd said…

Was a plane captain, at the time worked on F8 Crusaders. Also training Petty officer for line shack. Asst to PO1 for our division.

At 3:09pm on January 18, 2019, Gerald A Todd said…

Thanks for the welcome. San Diego boot camp nov 1967, NAS Chase field Beeville Tx mar 1968 to mar 1970. GITMO BAY CUBA apr 1970 to sept 1970. AT3 at discharge. Joined the Navy to see the world, native Texan so saw southern cal, south Texas and the tropical paradise of Cuba. Great memories tho.

At 5:57pm on January 14, 2019, George Trentacosta said…

Thank You David!

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