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Expectations of the United States vs. Islam

A friend and I were discussing the crisis the United States has in the Middle East and he brought up a great observation. When 9/11 occurred, the United States was rightly in an uproar.  No one rioted and we didn't storm embassies, but there was some anti-Islamic sentiment viewed throughout the country.  The Middle East countries and our own leaders urged us to be tolerant... that these were just a few rogue extremists and that they would be brought to justice. 

Now the tables have turned.

The video that our government officials continue to blame didn't kill thousands of people... it didn't even hurt one. And as the news is slowly revealing, it seems that it's a rogue band of anti-Islamic people that funded and produced the movie (which actually isn't even out yet).  

So... the entire world is now aware that the movie is the product of a small group of anti-Islamists; however, we're not afforded the same tolerance that we were expected to have after 9/11.  Millions of anti-American Islamic fundamentalists have come out of the woodwork throughout the entire Middle East, attacked American soil, and have taken American lives.

And the reaction of our own foreign policy has been to criticize the movie more than the bloodshed.  It's time that this stopped. It's time that we hold other countries to the same level of tolerance and acceptance that we're always held to. While we're not deemed a "Christian" nation on paper, our country continues to be persecuted and our people continue to be attacked because of our Christian democracy.

I'm not advocating storming an embassy or starting an anti-Islamic movement. I actually do have personal friends that are Muslim.  However, I am advocating a zero tolerance policy by the American government to protect its interests and its citizens abroad with unlimited force. We can not and should not be held to a different standard than these countries.  We can not continue to provide them foreign aid. And we can not continue to do commerce with them while they feed the fires of hatred that spills our own peoples' blood.

It's time to stop this ridiculous policy of appeasement and stop always pointing at ourselves as the source of the problem.  Our behavior has never matched that of our anti-American enemies. We don't dress soldiers in citizen garb, we don't build IEDs and blow up people, we don't strap bombs to our women and children to take innocent lives. And we don't attack embassies and kill our enemy when they insult us on YouTube.

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Comment by Donald G. Clayton on October 30, 2012 at 12:36pm

BUT who Grounded OUR Air Force that day?????

Comment by Larry Penatzer on September 27, 2012 at 1:16am

Douglas Karr for president!!!

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