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TODAY..   September 1 is Ed Baker's birthday. This will be his 3rd birthday in "captivity". He has never broken a law, threatened a life, acted crazy, hurt another human outside of fighting for and protecting his country. He sits in a rehab as a POW.
A war he didn't start or ask to be a part of. A war of words and bitterness of women he never knew before going to Colorado, with educations, greed, arrogance and cold hearts. Competent and frustrated. Competent and alone. Competent and wanting to come home to a family with homes ready, waiting for him to be there.  
September 1 , Ed Baker will be 54 years old. Too young to retire in our everyday work world. But retired after serving 22 years in our Navy, with honors, leaving honorably and being honored even after he retired. Returning to the Pentagon. He retired with enough monies to support himself and keep him safe for the rest of his life, to take care of his children, to live a comfortable life after living so dangerously and risking his life for people he didn't even know. He has lost it all to a state who doesn't even know his name, won't acknowledge his competence, won't believe his family .
September 1, 1958, my mother gave birth to a beautiful baby boy she proudly named Edward Joseph after his grandfather Edward Baker and his grandfather Joseph McCabe. He grew to be her "hero" in many ways .... protective, respectful and loving. She waited to be assured she had talked to him before she let go of life here. He towers over all of us in height and bravery and tolerance. He waits for the right to overcome the wrong and the justice to defeat the injustice. He was a leader among men and now is a puppet for greedy women. He stood before Presidents and Congress and no one with the power to make a difference will stand up for him.
September 1, used to be a day of balloons and cakes, family and gifts, birthday cards and friends over to celebrate. Now he cannot receive a piece of mail , and celebrating another year is painful, sad and tiring. I love him so very much. I cannot give him the I-Pad he so desperately wants. I cannot provide the funds or influence it would take to give him his life back.
But I can call him on Saturday, September 1, wish him Happy Birthday, tell him again and again how much I love him, and ask and beg him to hang in there because God sees, and I believe someday he will be free again. He will be home.
please see his web page and believe. Please help.
Carol Fox 708-404-8447

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