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TO: Mr. Barry Soetoro, or whatever your real name is; (The Usurper occupying the Oval Office illegally)


I heard a rumor a few days ago that someone heard you say, "I want to be cool again".

Well, let me explain a few things to you and possibly, you may see why you are not as cool as you once thought you ever were.

First of all, you are a LIAR.  I understand that as part of the Muslim "faith", it is perfectly acceptable to lie to infidels.  We know that.  Pretending to not be a Muslin just isn't working out for you.  It is too obvious.  Most people don't like liars.  After all, if a man's word is no good, how can the man be any different?

Next, you are not up front and "transparent" as you spouted off that all of your doings would be.  All the time, money and effort to keep your past in hiding is not making you popular, since most TRUE Americans can tell you where they were born, and have it backed up with genuine paper work right down to the baby foot prints which are required in this country.  So, you are a fraud and it is backed up by not only your own actions, but the truth, as it has been coming out, has shown you to be.

Furthermore, and I am quite sincere about this, you have NO IDEA about how a company must be formed, organized, operated and worked by those who do it every day in this country.  By you running around trying to show how you are "creating jobs" and "saving our economy", those of us who really DO KNOW how a company is formed, and operated can see right through your phony pretense and it makes you even more of a fool and liar.  Yes, it is OBVIOUS to all of us.

It should also be noted here that your pretense at being a "Christian" and quoting verses from the Holy Bible are so plainly obvious to us that you are NOT a Christian even in the smallest amount, especially to those of us who read our Bibles daily and attend church every week.   We also PRACTICE our faith, so we can spot a fraud very easily.   No, you are NOT fooling us.  Not one bit.

For someone who professes to have attended college, you didn't seem to pick up on much, and I'm speaking here of knowledge about the true heart and soul of America.  The United States of America to be specific.  All the lessons you learned were how to tear it down, destroy our base and make this country into the socialist regime you are intending it to be.  We can see that too.  I mean, even Isoroku Yamamoto ( He was the Japanese Admiral who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941 ) attended Harvard and knew our history.  He did NOT want to go to war with the United States.  He KNEW he would get his ass kicked, and he did. 

You see, it's like this:  Those of us who were born here, attended schools here, grew up learning our history, seeing our country's beautiful sights, our monuments to our fallen heroes, learning how to sing our National songs by heart, enlisting and serving our country all have something inside of us that is quite obvious that you do NOT have inside of you.  We can see it.  Plain as day.  Sticks out like a sore thumb.  You don't even ACT like an American citizen.  I guess all the lessons on how to lie your way in weren't all that good now, were they?   When even the kids playing ball in a sandlot know more about America than you do, it is really pathetic for you to try and bluff your way through it.

It also should be mentioned that you and your wife are two of the MOST DESPICABLE RACISTS I have ever seen.  Really.  I know several Black people and they have been wonderful friends.  I also know many Asians, Native American Indians, Latinos and many people who grew up and have lived in different parts of the United States.   Trust me on this one, calling ME a "RACIST" just won't fly here.   You are weak in the knowledge of getting along with other people of a different color.  Maybe an exposure or educational deficiency in your upbringing?  The fact of your own words telling how you don't like telling that your own MOTHER is a WHITE woman is possibly the most vile and disrespectful thing a son could do to his mother!  I'll wager you save a lot NOT buying Mother's Day gifts.

I would like to know why you think Military veterans are to be considered "Terrorists".  Is it because they know how to use firearms?  Is it because they have experience fighting in wars?  Is it because they have LOYALTY to their country?  Possibly ALL of the above?  Take a look around Washington DC at the memorials we have built.  Do the Muslim countries build monuments to the murderers of innocent women and children?  Do you wish to destroy our monuments?  Do you wish to plow under all of Arlington National Cemetery?  It must be a hollow feeling to NOT have any National pride and to NOT  know the history of the people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

You need to check up on African Native history and Black History.  Did you know the Zulu tribe BEAT the BRITISH with nothing more than spears and leather shields while the British had rifles, organized armies and training?  True fact.  They even made a movie about it.  The movie was, "ZULU DAWN".  I've seen it a couple of times.  It seems the Zulu tribe was willing to sacrifice their lives to throw off a dictatorial power, too.  Did you know that BLACKS fought for freedom from England in the American Revolutionary War?  How about all those BLACKS that FOUGHT for freedom with the North in the American Civil War?  Ever hear of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment under Robert Gould Shaw?  How about all the WHITES that fought and DIED to give the BLACK MAN his freedom?  Still no clue?

You claim America has always been a "Muslim" country.  When was that?  If you mean the ONE Muslim that was here in Washington DC as a representative of the Muslims?  He was only used to find out a bit about the Muslim world.  Once they knew what they needed, he was sent packing.   Our Navy and Marines went to North Africa to put down the Muslim pirates and THAT is why the Marine Hymn says, "To the Shores of Tripoli".  We have been fighting Muslims a long time and they have NEVER done ANYTHING to found, support, or defend this country with a whole heart.  They are only here to work their way into our populace and take it down.   We know that, too.   Plain as day.  Easy to see.

Did you know the American press printed a copy of the Koran ( I spell "Koran" this way as it is easy and the real spelling is not clear to me.) so Americans could learn about Islam?  It even has a preface in the front that said how ludicrous and dangerous Islam was and all those who practiced that "faith" were potential killers.  Really.   Go check out the National Library of Congress if you don't believe me.

At this point, I wish to let you in on a secret.  You are losing popularity because those of us that tried to trust you have found out the truth.  Not me, of course, I knew you were a criminal way back when I first heard about you in 2006.

BUT, let me tell you what you "BLEW".  This is a biggie too!  You ILLEGALLY became the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT in this country's history.  Now, when you look at our history, a great many Blacks grew up with former slaves in their families, put up with all the racial discrimination of the past, segregation, riots, living in "The Projects", struggling to learn in white schools and all sorts of struggles and hardships. 

For someone of color to rise up and become President of the United States would have been a significant feat and would have been a truly historic honor indeed.   It would have been a true historic thing if you would have done something to help make our country grow and prosper, but you lack that achievement.  It is too late to change now.   It's like sitting in a bathtub you defecated in, isn't it?

Basically, you have just cast a black cloud on all the Black folks in this country that were hoping you would be someone of worth and do great things.  It may be a long time before there will be another Black elected as President, simply because there will always be, "Don't you remember what happened the LAST time we put a Black guy in the White House?"

So, now you have lied, cheated, swindled, corrupted, and falsified your way into an office you do not deserve, and your time is coming to a close.  It must be pretty bad when people of the same color as yourself had so much hope in your election and now they know the truth and want you out.  People by the MILLIONS are getting ready for election day, some are even working on impeachment of you.  I would like to see you up on charges of treason, fraud, corruption of the federal statutes (The Constitution and Bill of Rights) Illegally sending troops into harm's way ( You hold the office illegally, so your orders are invalid.) and of course, the penalty of those crimes is really severe.

I would also like all of your cronies, the "czars" you hired to be arrested as well.  All the others who have aided, and abetted your criminal activities should be arrested and tried. 

You are rated as being the worst president America has had, even worse than Jimmy Carter.  I bet Jimmy Carter is happy to hear that!  

You are also failing to know who it is that is taking you down.  It is a whole country full of people who have grown up knowing freedom for over 230 years.  That's over TWO CENTURIES!   These folks are proud of their country, many have fought in wars to defend it, or try and help another country become free.  These people have endured storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, economic problems, and raised their families DESPITE all of it.  They KNOW what hardship is and they have faced it with their own hands and the help of their neighbors.  The people I am talking about do not run from a fight, they go into it with their sleeves rolled up and they know they may get a black eye or a tooth knocked out, but they will give better than they get.  They have also been the FIRST to come to the aid of another country if there is a tragic catastrophe.  There are LOTS of American boys buried on other continents from taking down oppression.  We KNOW what it looks like, smells like and tastes like.  You're not fooling ANYBODY.

So you see, Barry, being "cool" as you think it means is way different than what it truly is in this country.  We are HONEST, HARD WORKING, INVENTIVE, CARING, DEVOTED people who are WILLING to do what it will take to make things right.  Our history is full of examples of Americans giving of themselves to help others.  You only seek to take and destroy the lives of people that are far better than you.  It is truly pathetic and lame to throw mud and slime on something to make yourself look better.  Even a Black person who grew up in a "Project" has more respect in themselves that what you are giving to America. 

 I served in the United States Navy and saw with my own eyes how Americans can help out people of another culture, race and language.  I was in Guam when Vietnam fell to your beloved Communists.

I helped to provide these people with what they had lost.  They had LOST their homes, food, clothing, money, etc.  THESE people didn't even have a COUNTRY!  You think you are special?  You are the WORST type of person for helping ANYONE!  

The greed, corruption and avarice you and your wife are exhibiting EVERY DAY make you a pathetic loser to a lot of people.  Not only that, but you are a THIEF that steals the money and resources to help those who could really use it.  Millions of dollars for a vacation, all paid by taxpayers wages????  Most people have to work for years to be able to afford any kind of vacation, and then it may be just a week in a different part of the country to see a few sights and attractions, only to return to work and begin the struggle to EARN a living once again.  You and your wife are DISGUSTING in your activities!

You do not like our flag.  The Stars and Stripes.  I know you and your wife revile it.  Loathe it.  You think it to be some kind of vile rag that tells of oppression and violence.  You are wrong about that.  Old Glory has been through MANY wars, it was CREATED in a war.  It has a life and a history steeped in blood.  It has been shot full of holes, burned, spit upon, and desecrated by many who seek to destroy what it truly means.

The United States has never sought to defeat and control any people of the world.  The flag of our country does not fly over any country we have delivered from dictatorial governments.   Germany and Japan, as well as Italy are all independent countries, as well as South Korea, the Philippines, Spain, France  and England.  The Red, White and Blue of our flag is one of freedom, democracy and hope to the oppressed.   You wouldn't know about that because you are blinded by your obvious hatred of our flag and what it truly stands for.

You simply do not know who you are messing with.  Even "Joe the Plummer" is running for a political office.  If my health was better, I would run as well.  Every night on the television, I see you making a bigger and bigger fool of yourself.  Digging that hole deeper and deeper. 

Just keep digging, Barry.  You are going to get buried in that hole and no one will want to remember you, so there won't be any marker.

You are not now, or ever have been "cool".


David William Asche

Wasilla, ALASKA

(NO, I have NEVER met Sarah Palin)

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