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To: Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama. (Hope I spelled that correctly)


I have written letters to several other people who occupied that noble house built by my countrymen to house our leader.  So don’t think for a second this is something new for me.  We also understand that cockroaches get in to the kitchen from time to time, so you being in there is not a real big problem.  We'll smoke you out sooner or later.


 If you are under the delusion you are “getting away” with anything, rest assured, you are not.  We can see you.  We also are awake and aware of all you do.  WE THE PEOPLE at the top of our Constitution isn’t there for amusement.  The big capital lettering isn’t a "typo" either.  That was written by hand many years ago by people who knew this kind of day would come.  We have been learning about our freedoms all our lives.


Let me show you a few things so you may also become “more aware” of what you are doing, and maybe foresee the results of your efforts:


All those monuments in Washington, DC.  The big, white obelisk of the WASHINGTON monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the WWII memorial and the Vietnam you KNOW what those represent?  I didn’t think you did either.


How about going over to Arlington and seeing just how many stones mark where an American lays in state waiting for the Lord to call him or her home?  Don’t think those mean anything to us either?  Didn’t think so.  Not many Islamic folks in there either.  There are also many, MANY stones in foreign countries that mark where and AMERICAN lies.  They were there to help OTHERS to be free from dictatorial rule.


Do YOU have ANY idea just WHO you are trying to take down?  Do you know about Ali Baba and his magic lamp?  Probably.  Do you think for a second you can stifle and put into submission a people who have KNOWN freedom and WHAT IT TAKES to keep it?  You can’t put THAT genie back in the lamp.


We are Americans.  Our country was forged in the hearth of war and bloodshed.  We know what it looks like, smells like and tastes like.  We’ve been there.  You and yours are in for a real treat.  The citizens of this country are ready for you.  We invented SPAM and Jimmy Dean sausage, too.   You ever try any of that?


The people in this country aren't QUITE as stupid as you would like to believe.  We built this country so we would not have to live in fear, oppression, and under some puffed up, stuffed shirt of a dictator that wants to rule over us like some king or Fuhrer.


We have museums for such things as "D day", that was June 6, 1944, so we will always remember what sacrifices we had to make to keep our freedom.  We also have the Holocaust museum so we would see what happens when some puffed up, stuffed shirt "wanna be" dictator takes over and wants to try and put us down.  Dwight D. Eisenhower (He was a great General and once also President) Made our soldiers who discovered those death camps take a lot of pictures and document those things so they WOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN because Muslim/Islamic types like to say they never happened.  NONE of those pictures in the Holocaust Museum are fake.


You think you are fooling anyone with hiding your love of Islam?  NO. You aren’t.  We see it.  We know what Islam is and what it wants, too.  The day is coming when a great battle will rise up.  Blood will be spilled.


We know about stuff like "dhimitude" and "Shari'a law".  We know what the Koran (I know it may not be spelled right) says and means, too.


How come you don't take your wife with you to the middle east countries?  Is it because you don't like the idea of her wearing a burka?  Don't want to have to treat her like those other people that you admire?


It would seem to me that to be a faithful member of Islam you would want to show Allah just how good a little Muslim you are.  Aw, come on...slap her around, rape her and have sex with your little girls.   Let the world know you are a faithful Muslim.  We see how you are.  You are such a fake.   Such a coward.


I know how your visit to ALASKA went...Were you scared to come out in PUBLIC?  AFRAID of some "gun nut" taking a shot?  John Kennedy served in World War Two as well.  His PT boat was run over by a Japanese destroyer.  He still drove through Dallas with the top removed by his orders.  He was proud to meet and see the people he represented.  It was a COMMIE/PROGRESSIVE/SOCIALIST/MARXIST that shot him.  One of your kindred spirits.


And just what kind of a god WANTS its people to kill others because they are not of the same faith?  Sounds like ALLAH is a real a****** to me.  Jesus NEVER wants anyone to kill anybody else.  He can do that Himself.  And HE WILL.


You like the idea of taking away all our guns, too.  Well, let me tell you a few things.  First, we are a free people.  I know I said that before, but it needs to really sink in as to what that means to someone such as yourself.   As a free people, we have rights to be able to protect ourselves from the intrusive forces of government or criminals.  Not like all those Jews and other folks in those camps in Nazi Germany.


You live in Chicago....Lot of crime there right?  Do you know that there are actually towns and cities in this country that have almost NO crime?  Those towns don't have anti-gun laws on the books.  People there are actually able to have a gun BY LAW and they are allowed to OPEN CARRY their guns in PUBLIC and the criminals don't like that, so they go to places like Chicago.  Or New York City.  Or Los Angeles.


Up here in ALASKA, there are a lot of people who own guns to feed their families.  That's because they can't just go to a store and buy food.  They need to hunt and fish to get food.  They also need to protect themselves from these big, furry things called "BEARS" that can kill and eat them.  You ever faced down a bear, Mr. Obama?  I have.   A sow with three cubs.  By myself.  No police or army to help me.  She lived and so did I.  And her cubs too.  Yes, yes, I am aware there are "bears" in Chicago, but these aren't the kind that play football.


You think just passing a law or signing an agreement with the United Nations is going to make us all just line up and hand in our guns?  Not likely.  Our founding fathers knew about that kind of thing, too.  King George of England (He was the one our Founding Fathers fought against in our revolutionary war) made all of the Americans who owned guns against him out to be criminals, too.   All with a stroke of a pen.  We know our history Mr. Obama.  We know you as well.


You just keep thinking you and all your political/religious friends have us under your control.  You may get a few of us, to be sure, maybe even me. We know that too.  I’m not afraid of defending my country.  I’ve already done that too.  I also VOTE.


Now, I know you have a problem with your birth certificate.  A lot of folks are trying to know the truth.  And they have reason for that, too.   Our Founding Fathers put a little clause in our Constitution about the President having to be a native-born American Citizen.  That was so we wouldn't be subjected to someone's ideas about how the country should be run from some outside ideals.  Being born and raised here would make it an "OWNER/OPERATOR" type of a relationship.  Since you have NEVER had a business, you also have NO IDEA what I am talking about here either.


You WANT to dodge that kind of thing.   I saw the video that shows both YOU AND Michele admitting you were born in Kenya.  Back when you were running for senator.  Nope, it didn't get erased soon enough.  I'm sure there are copies of it still going around as well.  CAUGHT YA!


Do you want to put the label of "RACIST" on me Mr. Obama?  Won't stick.  You see, up here in ALASKA we have many different races of people all living together in pretty close contact with each other.  We have not only all the many and varied NATIVES such as Aleut, Athabascan, Inuit, Tlingit, and Eskimo, but also Russian, Pacific Islander, Caucasian and Black Americans as well.  I also went to the Far East while in the service and made many friends in places like JAPAN and TAIWAN, The Philippines, Vietnam and many others.  I got along with them as well.  I tried to learn their culture and about them as a people.  We had some good times.  No, Mr. Obama.  I am NOT a racist.


Just what is the problem with you?   Just why do you need to lie and hide from the people you are supposed to represent?  Oh, yes, I know full and well that as an Islamic/Muslim based person, it is perfectly fine to lie to all us INFIDELS, but if you were TRULY an AMERICAN, you would be PROUD to be an AMERICAN.  Are YOU a PROUD AMERICAN, Barack?


I am a proud American Citizen.  I know all my birth records by memory.  They are also on public record and I am not trying to hide or have them erased.


I enlisted to serve MY COUNTRY before I was out of High School.  I went where I was told, did what I was supposed to do and served as I should.  I also took an oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United states of AMERICA against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.  No one told me to stop living up to that oath, Mr. Obama.  Do you have a clue just WHAT or WHO would be a DOMESTIC ENEMY of our
Country and Constitution?


Uh, Just WHEN was YOUR voluntary service UNDER FIRE to YOUR country?  You got a fake DD-214 somewhere AND your CIVIL SERVICE REGISTRATION?  That is required BY LAW in THIS COUNTRY!


But, WAIT A MINUTE!  If your country is really KENYA, why are your family members living in squalor while you enjoy riches and fame?  Your brother for example......


Sounds like you ran out on them and  let them suffer in disease and poverty.  And now you want to do that to us.  We are all aware of your crap, Mr. Obama.  No.  You are not MY President.  I did NOT vote for you and never will.  Nor will my friends.  Lots of them.  And more and more each day.


Sounds to me like you are just plain NOT what you are DESPERATELY TRYING to be.  That's because as I said before...


We can see you and what you are doing.  We know your every move and are working to stop you and deal with the problems you are trying to make.  Oh, to be sure, it will be a mess to clean up.   But the mere fact we are AMERICANS, we can clean up and put on our best after a hard day cleaning up crap in our own yard.


Isn't it odd that YOU can have a rally, and when it is over, there are tons of litter and garbage all over, and GLENN BECK can have a rally with TWICE or even THREE TIMES as many people there, and when it is over the grounds are SPOTLESS?  Now you can see where my "cockroach" reference comes from.   You spread garbage, Mr. Obama.


We're fixin' to take out the trash real soon.



David W. Asche



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