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TO: Barry Soetoro; (The lying, cowardly, treasonous fraud occupying the Oval Office illegally)


GREETINGS!  I am just checking in with another note from a LOYAL American Patriot and Honorably Discharged Navy VETERAN.   You see how I worded that, Barry?  I mean an educated man such as yourself can see I laid out the words in such a fashion as to be neat, truthful, factual and above all, correct in their meaning and one small note to the above, I am also the SON and GRAND son of Honorably Discharged American VETERANS.

Those words I have written are ones you cannot use to describe yourself.  Those are words of HONOR, RESPECT and FAITHFUL SERVICE to one's country.  Are you loyal and faithful to YOUR country, Barry?

I don't believe you are.  Allow me to point out a few things to you that may just have slipped by your observation.

BY YOUR OWN WORDS, you do not have respect for your own mother as she is a white person.  I find that the basis for a great many of your problems, Barry.  You see, it's like this:  One cannot help what color their skin happens to be, as it was decided before you knew what it even was.   Your genetic father and mother had sex and a sperm from your father succeeded to impregnate an ovum in your mother and at THAT VERY INSTANT your sex, color, height, build and a whole lot of other trivial things happened and you didn't have any say in the matter at all.  Then, your mother was loyal enough to YOU to put up with having YOUR squirming, growing, NEEDY young fetus inside her belly.  Bet you are glad all those abortions you want to allow now didn't happen to you, now do you?

Your mother probably even LOVED you after you crawled out of her womb and she ALLOWED you to suckle on her breast and grow and be cared for.  I bet she had to change your scrawny, nasty ass from a diaper full of Democratic promises back then as well, too.

How would she feel now about taking care of you with you shoving her out of your life as you have?

I heard you say a couple weeks ago that you found it hard to get what you want done because the founding fathers of our country worded the Constitution and Bill of Rights so that someone like you couldn't do things the way you want.....

DUH!  Don't you think......NO, of course not....That the Founders of this great country who had lived under a tyrannical government in their own lives, would have worded our documents so that ANOTHER dictatorial government could be formed?  Our Papers are the way they are BECAUSE of the FACT they KNEW there would be a time when SOMEONE, such as yourself, WOULD TRY AND DO WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO!

No, Barry, I do not, and a great many other loyal American also do not think you are a loyal, faithful citizen of this country.

BY YOUR OWN WORDS, I heard you AND Michele say that, when you were a new Illinois congressman, that you were PROUD to be born in KENYA, AND how good it was for an AFRICAN NATIVE to be able to rise to the esteemed post of an American Congressman.   Thought you got rid of all that stuff, didn't you?  Nope.  A lot of people know the truth, Barry.  Not fooling us either.  We know you are an illegal in the Oval  Office and we see all you are trying to do.  It will not be a pretty thing when you get taken down.

I see you think...uh, not with effort, I may add, that you expect our own military and police forces to come and control all of us and make us into good little boys and girls.  Not going to happen, Barry.  We ARE a pesky lot, aren't we?

You see, those are OUR Sons and Daughters who are serving in those positions.  OUR neighbors and friends whom you seek to "ride herd" for you as you collect the "sheeple" that you believe are out there.

You like to think about the way the NAZI's and Chairman Mao, as well as folks like Joseph Stalin and Ho Chi Minh ran their campaigns.  BUT, you forget a few things...AGAIN......

We know about those things as well.  The NAZI's disarmed a people who had never know freedom.  The same is true of the Russians, and Chinese, and the Vietnamese.   You trying to disarm all of us, and stuff us into camps, and feed us an indoctrination of communism and socialist crap just won't go.

Oh, WE see Hillary Clinton is trying to ram through the UN small arms "treaty" but we know about that too.  You can ban all our ammunition and guns by the stroke of a pen, too, Barry.  But that won't make it so.  You have to be able to ENFORCE it as well.  A long time ago, King George of England already tried all this crap, too.  American Patriots became criminals by the stroke of a pen and we still kicked his ass out of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  We did it a SECOND time in the War of 1812, so it is not a new thing you are doing here, Barry.

As I said, it will be OUR Sons and Daughters you are ordering to come to our homes and demand our cooperation to your whims.  Tell you what there, Barry....You send Malia and Sasha over to my place sometime.  Have THEM come to MY door and DEMAND I cooperate with their daddy's whims and desires.  I mean, if you are willing to send OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS to face an uncertain outcome, you better damn well be able to put your OWN KIDS in the same situation!  I would MUCH RATHER meet your daughters with some milk and cookies.....

Did that hit a nerve with you, Barry?  Are you willing to take on a people who know what FREEDOM is?  Are you willing to take on a people who have fought, bled and faced the enemies of our country and are proud to have served?

I must apologize here at this time because I said, disrespectfully, that you DIDN'T THINK.  I failed to remember that our prisons are FULL of people who spent a great deal of time thinking about how to dupe the system and commit a crime for their own petty gains....There is no more ACTIVE mind than the mind of a criminal who is trying to subvert a system of laws, checks and balances, a court and legal system that metes out sentences and punishment to those who do harm to others.  Truly, a criminal is always thinking of a new trick or tactic to "get away with it".   That is why we have such a demand for loyal, honest police officers and criminal laboratories to sift through crime evidence and get the person responsible for the crimes committed in our society.

I know my letters to you are bugging you, Barry.  I am EXPECTING a gang of SEIU thugs to show up and beat hell out of me, or maybe my home will somehow conveniently explode from a gas leak or I may not return home from an outing....All because you can't grasp the reality of what you are doing, and whom you are doing it to.

That good ol' "Chicago" way of doing business....been a few movies about it, a lot of real life thugs in prison now because of it, and a few died in prison as well from doing it.   I like how Bonnie and Clyde Barrow got their "reward".   Clyde Barrow liked to use a B.A.R. rifle.  You know what a B.A.R. rifle is, Barry?  It was developed way back in World War ONE, and it is a full automatic rifle that shoots a 30-06 Springfield cartridge.  That was our military's cartridge of issue all through World War ONE and TWO, as well as Korea.

Well, Frank Hamer knew Clyde Barrow had SEVERAL B.A.R. rifles...SO, Guess what he used to ventilate the car they were in?  That's right!  B.A.R.'s with 30-06 Springfield cartridges!  You know how many of those are still around, Barry?

You know about "Tommy Guns" and all they can do?  SWEET little guns!  How about the "MA DEUCE"?  No clue?  Oh, Barry, I can't wait for my American Patriot brothers and sisters to show you their collections!  One bullet at a time, of course.  STILL want to try out your plan?

Do you think our military guys are the only ones who can be snipers, Barry?  Do you know what it takes to rip a gopher apart at over 500 yards?  It takes skill, a steady hand, and a lot of practice.  Lots of practice.  Our snipers are good shots, Barry.   So are our varmint hunters, squirrel hunters, turkey hunters, deer, moose, bear and a whole lot of other hunters who not only shoot the food they put on their own tables, but the tables of the needy as well.

Gee whiz, Barry, we wouldn't be much of a country if we couldn't hit what we aim at and bring home the bacon.  Do you eat bacon , Barry?  I know that being a Muslim has its drawbacks, but the flavor and smell of a pan full of bacon gets me out of bed every time!   I just can't believe you Muslims would deprive yourselves of such a treat!

Know what else we can do with bacon, Barry?  After the bacon is cooked, it leaves behind grease.  This grease comes in handy for a lot of things.  We can use it to draw a bear into a shooting situation, or, we can use it to load up a special bullet to use on Muslims.  See, we know a Muslim will go to "Allah" and be rewarded with 72 virgins if he dies killing "infidels".    BUT, we ALSO know if a Muslim is "tainted" with ANY PART of a pig, he is defiled and dirty and ol' "Allah" will shun him and he will just not qualify for any kind of "reward".    Kind of simple, isn't it?  Not a hard thing to know how to do, and be able to do, either.

How is that election campaign going?  Got plenty of money and getting support from a lot of folks who like what you are doing?  I bet you are licking your chops waiting to see if all those illegal aliens that will stuff the ballot boxes will get that second term you want.  It could happen.  I mean, those who have seen it before know that a split vote on the conservative ticket could weaken it enough to allow you to sneak in and get it, as has happened in the past with Ross Perot.  See?  We know that, too.  You are not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes.

It must be a pathetic  thing to need to screen out the people who meet you to not be able to meet the REAL citizens of this country.  You going to hide and crawl around under cover for all of your life, Barry?  Like a little weasel going from hole to hole worried that someone who disagrees with you may not be friendly.  Just goes with the territory, I guess.   John F. Kennedy got nailed accidently by one of his own security guards after Lee H. Oswald started shooting.  You may get it by a friendly source, too.  Ronald Regan got nailed by a "nutter" that had gotten too close on a sidewalk.  Gerald FORD was shot at TWICE and still got away!   You might be just that lucky, too!  Abe Lincoln was having a nice evening out with the wife and got nailed in the back of his head by a zealot who just couldn't grasp the idea that the Civil War was over and the Black man was free.

I know you have been to Alaska, Barry.  Lots of "gun nuts" live here, too.  I noticed that you didn't show much of yourself while you were here.   You're like a hamster in a Habitrail aren't you?  Always inside and protected.  Living in fear sucks, doesn't it, Barry?

George W. Bush.  You seem to think he is the one who is responsible for ALL of your problems.  I wrote him a letter as well.  This isn't a new thing with me.  I wrote to "Slick Willy" Clinton, too.   But George W. Bush....I wrote him a real nice letter!   I thanked him for his pure guts taking the big turkey (Air Force ONE) right into Baghdad to celebrate Thanksgiving with our troops there.  This was while the Muslims were still running around loose shooting up the place, as we hadn't told them yet when we were pulling out so they hadn't as yet stopped to wait until we were gone to take Iraq back and make it a Taliban camp again.

It would be a wonderful thing, indeed, to have a President we could love and have Honor for.  I liked John F. Kennedy, and I was in fifth grade when he was killed.  Dwight D. Eisenhower was President when I was born, and my dad told me stories about him and the invasion to free Europe from the NAZI oppression.  I served under Richard M. Nixon and saw how the corruption started to ruin the office of President, and was very happy when we finally got someone of worth in the office, Ronald Regan.

I see how Jane Fonda is going to TRY and be Nancy Regan in a movie.   Good luck selling tickets to that one, if it even gets made.  She is the most hated woman in the United States, because she is also a traitor and communist sympathizer.    There are still many VFW halls that have urinal stickers of her face in them.  They are getting old and may need to be reprinted.

OR, we could make up NEW ones of ANOTHER treasonous, socialist, communist sympathizer who is also trying to defame and ruin our beloved Nation...Any guess who I'm talking about?


David William Asche

Wasilla, ALASKA

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