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TO: Barry Soetoro; (The FRAUD occupying the Oval Office illegally)


GREETINGS, as I am a polite person, I wish to tell you how I have been thinking of the welfare and LEGACY which you are going to be leaving your two daughters, Malia and Sasha.  Please do not think I am being rude if I did not spell their names correctly, as I am not sure of how their names are spelled, and I mean no harm in it.  Unlike the ravings of the left wingers who slam Sarah Palin's kids, and Rick Santorum's kids, even after you said families should be "off limits" to the attacks by the media.

As a parent, I would like to share my concern over the LEGACY we leave our children.  I have been blessed with a son and am proud to teach him all I can about his heritage and where he came from in his past kinfolk relations, as I am sure you are doing with the two girls of your own.

If one studies history, as I have done, we see that MANY of the world's tyrants and dictators have met with untimely ends, as have some of their family members.   Their kids to be specific.

Now, Adolph Hitler did not have any children, and he hoped to rule the world, and Europe is littered with many monuments to his attempt with all the concrete fortifications left by his attempt at conquering the world.  He lied to Joseph Stalin and signed a treaty with him, then attacked Russia and it was the bloodiest battle field of the Second World War.  Now, Adolph Hitler had no less than seven attempts on his life by the people of Germany, as they knew he was one psychotic man and needed to be stopped from destroying Germany.  He had those responsible for the last attempt rounded up and executed.  Some were given the choice of suicide, as was the case with Erwin Rommel.

As the war ground down and it was clear Germany was going to lose, Hitler married his girlfriend, Eva Braun, then they both took cyanide and Hitler shot himself, all in the comfy abode of their bunker complex, because, heaven forbid, the Russians take them alive.  A heck of a honeymoon, don't you think?

Next we see how the Italians took care of Benito Mussolini.  When those emotional Italians woke up to the fact HE was a "nutty buddy" in a fancy suit, they not only shot HIM, but his wife and kids as well!  Then to show the world how they treated a dictator, they hung the bodies out in public by piano wire for several days until the smell got to be too strong.

Hideki Tojo, the Japanese Prime Minister, after getting Japan into the war and losing badly, and costing thousands and thousands of lives, he was tried for war crimes and hung.  Lots of Japanese high ranking officers had the courtesy to commit Seppuku, or Hara Kiri, or suicide, if you will.  Our friend Isoroku Yamamoto was shot down by a flight of P-38 fighters and he was later cremated and sent home to Japan in a small box.  His family was one that had children as well.

Closer to home for you, Saddam Hussein was guilty of murdering thousands of Iraqi civilians and being a dictator for many years.  He was hunted down, caught hiding in a hole and tried by the Iraqi people, and hung.  Both his sons were also killed in all of it.  Moamar Quadaffi?   No, I don't think telling YOU how a bunch of wild, raving MUSLIMS handled that one would be right coming from ME....

Do you see what I'm saying here?  It just doesn't appear that those who wanted to be a dictator have much of a social, loving, family life.  How are those two girls going to be doing in a few years, Barry?

I noticed that you don't take Michele with you when you visit Islamic countries because you don't want to subject her to the Dhimitude and Shari'a laws of those countries.  Why is that?  You not a good enough Muslim to make your wife obey the laws you Muslims have?  I guess it only fits if you want it to fit.  Since I see that a lot of Islamic folks in those countries are not too very happy with you either, it makes me wonder a bit.....

I see by the news, you and Hillary Clinton are sending one point five BILLION of our tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  I find it really strange that a sitting United States President would aid and support those who have sworn to destroy the United States.  Kind of goes against the "Oath of Office" thing a bit doesn't it?   Also, the rumor mill has it that you wish to import some ten thousand Hamas Muslims to the United States.   Gee, I didn't think importing that kind of people would be a wise thing to do for a LOYAL president.

But, as it is, you are known to be a LIAR and FRAUD, so you can try and get this done and we'll see how it all works out.

Has it ever occurred to you just WHY the United States has been so hard to be attacked by an enemy?  It is because of those two big oceans on either side of the country.  THAT and the fact the  American people have been a free people and ARMED for over two hundred thirty years.  No enemy in his right mind would attack us in the open, or could do it without us knowing about it.  But then, most of the dictatorial people of the past were not so "right minded" were they?  Joseph Stalin started killing his own staff because he no longer trusted them.   He murdered millions of his own people as well, so maybe he needed a permanent time out.  Vladimir Lenin was kept in a glass box for many years, but now he isn't quite the attraction he once was....

It is actually kind of funny, in a dark way, that you are trying to kill this country.  I mean, you must be one sick, warped person to even consider it.  A lot of arsonists are caught after they set a fire because of one thing: They get an erection.  Do you get an erection thinking about killing Americans, Barry?

 You are being watched by a few million Eagle Eyed people who know what it means to be free.  We have communications and ways to know things, even if the net goes down.  Remember, we have been doing this for two hundred and thirty something YEARS.  We INVENTED the "NET".

Your buddy and financial partner, George Soros, may be rich, but his money cannot buy one thing:  The TRUTH.  Oh, we know all about him, how he was a Jew and got pissed with his parents and started making money and trying to control the world.  I think he is a "nut job" too.  As old as he is, maybe we can all get lucky and he will die of an aneurism or something.   Isn't that what you wish all us old farts here in America would do?  I mean, you think us old people who cannot work and "provide for the common good" should be popped in the head with one of those thirty million rounds of 40 caliber pistol ammunition you have ordered, right?   There are mass graves all over the world made by dictators who all had that same idea.

The thing is, Barry, the free people of this world do not all live in the United States.  They are in all corners of the globe.  They have seen it and tasted it, many of them with the help of the United States. 

Our Holy Bible tells of the Lord Christ Jesus setting us free with his love, grace and by his death and resurrection.  You just can't buy that kind of freedom.  Even in the Islamic world, there are those who seek freedom, but they are chained with their beliefs in the wrong entity.  You know him as "Allah".  He has another name as well, known to all who speak of such things.  That name is "Satan".   He also goes by the names of "Lucifer", "Old Scratch", "Beelzebub" and several others.  He is this way because he challenged the true God of all, "Jehovah", "Elias", "El Shaddai" and "Emmanuel".  Satan was cast out of Heaven and began collecting his own followers, and those are the Islamic people.

It is easy to see this, too.  The one you know as "Allah", "the great deceiver", has his people kill others to do his bidding.  All in the name of "Allah" we see people blown up on trains, busses, out of the sky in airplanes, blown to bits in bombed buildings....All because "Allah" said to do it.  It is written in the Koran to do it as well.  Several times. 

You claim, falsely, that you are a "Christian".  The one commandment that makes the difference between Islam and Christianity is "THOU SHALL NOT KILL".  This means "you do not murder your fellow man".  Our God, the one I am in favor of, can do his own killing.  Ever hear of Sodom and Gomorrah?  How about all those who drowned because the ARK Noah built wasn't big enough?   Oh, yes indeed, my God knows how to kill.   HE doesn't need us to do it for HIM.

The world has seen many, MANY trials of blood and bone.   A great many American Patriots have been where the metal meets the meat.  They have seen and smelled the burning flesh of their buddies, had to see those same buddies zipped into a black rubber sack and shipped home to be buried.

You go ahead and sit on your butt in that Oval Office and just TRY and imagine your two girls watching their daddy being tried and hung for grand treason, fraud, corruption of the National Statutes, MURDER.  That's right...I said MURDER.  If just ONE American citizen is killed by YOUR actions of importing  Muslim terrorists to this country, then it will fall on YOUR shoulders as to the charges.

A lot of the executions in this country are done in private, with only a handful of onlookers.  Then again, we can do it in grand fashion, in say, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium with the Jumbo-Tron hanging from the roof and broadcast to the WHOLE WORLD on television.  Even the folks in Iran, Iraq and Syria can see it on Al Jazeera.... Just may get out of control with a mob of pissed-off American Patriots....You've seen how we can be after a home team wins a Super Bowl or a World Series.....Instant replay, anyone??  

Think you are safe from all of it?  Think you are not going to need to worry about it?  Going to die a rich, old man are you?  That's what Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Sadam Hussein, Hideki Tojo, Isoroku Yamamoto, Benito Mussolini and Pol Pot all thought as well.   They all had "delusions of grandeur" about how they would be sitting in the cat bird seat living the good life while the rest of the world did their bidding.  Others come to mind as well: Julius Cesar, Augustus Cesar, Caligula, Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis the XVI,  Marie Antoinette....The list goes on...and on...

STILL think you have it made in the shade?  How are your girls going to handle the outcome of what is coming?  Just how will the books our future kids read in school remember Barry Soetoro?  The LIAR, FRAUD and TREASONIST that tried to kill the worlds HOPE to ALL MANKIND?

There is not one person in this country that would give up his spot in America to live in another country in the world.   But it always seems that there are those who wish to tear this country apart and make it just like the rest of the world.   It seems the freedom we have in his country makes it easy for those who  wish to destroy it use the very freedom they have to do it.  I call these people "Parasites of Freedom".

Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to make another country free and prosperous than to try and destroy one that has already become that way?   You seem to think America just "happened".   No way.   It was made with BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, LOVE, WAR,  RECONCILLIATION, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION, FREEDOM and the biggest one..RESPONSBILITY.  That's right.  I said RESPONSIBILITY.

Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk that said "The Buck Stops Here".  HE was the one who took the responsibility for HIS Presidency.  You seem to think you are like Abraham Lincoln.  You are not even a pimple on HONEST ABE's butt.  Want to liken yourself to George Washington?  He had more integrity in his pinky finger than you have shown this country in all your public life.  Want to try Dwight David Eisenhower?   He was the one who ordered a quarter of a million men into harm's way on June 6, 1944, AND was PREPARED to TAKE THE FULL BLAME for it if it failed!  You would have pissed yourself to even THINK about doing that.  How about John Fitzgerald Kennedy?  Long before he was our President, he saved his PT boat crew from capture by the Japanese after it was cut in two by a Japanese destroyer.  He carved a message on a coconut and swam out to signal for a rescue in shark infested waters all night.  He also faced down Fidel Castro and Nikita Khrushchev in 1962 when the Russians tried to put nuclear missiles in Cuba.

What have YOU been doing?

YOU have been blaming everyone under the sun for YOUR screw-ups, bad judgment, the doings of people that YOU appointed to their posts.  YOU are the one people are looking at with disgust and hatred.  YOU are the one who people are blaming for everything from high gas prices to the high unemployment rates.  YOU are the one the people of this country are going to deal with when it gets to the point of no return.  YOU have been showing YOUR COWARDICE by bowing and apologizing to everyone who YOU think America has done wrong to.  The FACT IS, MOST COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD OWE THE UNITED STAES OF AMERICA for what they have!

You may have your butt in the chair the great ones have sat in, and you may be putting your shoes up on the furnishings like a slob, and you may be thinking you are a real piece of work, but you sure as hell don't amount to a whit of what this country is all about.


 David William Asche

Wasilla, ALASKA

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