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Greetings Everyone,
I want to share a little thought with you today. On March 10th I posted a notice of the Assault Craft Veterans reunion in San Diego in May. I have wanted to go to other reunions this group had, but it seemed that I always didn't have the time or money to go.

In preparing for this reunion, I thought I would try to get in touch with as many members from my original boat crew (LCU-1481) as possible, in the hope that they would attend and I could renew old friendships. I know some of you have read my former blogs where I told of losing two of my old buddies to cancer last year. Monday I was closing in on finding another one of the crew I served with, Harold M. Cosand Jr. We called him Skip and he was a month older than me. I was online doing a Google search and found a page with his picture. It had a timeline showing when he was born and when he died. I couldn't believe that he had been gone for so long (he died in 1996).

Skip was a great kid and we got along very well. He lived in Port Ludlow, Washington. Not that far from me here in Idaho. If I had kept in touch with him after we got out, I could have visited him many times because I went to Seattle almost every year. Now what does this have to do with the title to my blog today?

I just want everyone to know that time is so short, I am only 60 years old. Skip only lived for 47, Steve 59, and Lloyd 57 (I think). Now I have lost at least 3 of my very close shipmates. I am going to that reunion in May and I hope I will be able to see some old friends and make new ones. If any of you are waiting for next year or the year after to go to a reunion or even start a reunion of your own, don't wait! Time is running out on us. I know some of you are older than I am and know what I am talking about. Please take the time to make a few calls or get online and find some old buddies. You will be glad you did.

Best wishes for all,

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