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Generally speaking, I have no problem with those who live in Great Britain. A large portion of my own ancestry came from, or originated in, parts of Great Britain. I have a big gob of Irish in my makeup, as well as some Scot. But as my name is "Asche", which is most assuredly of German in its origin, I can not hold all of those who hail from Great Britain in total regard as being friendly.

I do tolerate them, however.

One thing that bugs me about those whom I may call "brits", which is most assuredly a derogatory term, is that they seem to believe their views are the "way it should be" and seek to deposit those beliefs on the rest of us.

After all, it has been said that Great Britain and America are two countries separated by a common language. And brother, let me tell you, the English Language SUFFERS GREATLY when used by those who claim to be the masters of it.

As an example of what I am referencing here, let us examine the word "Aluminum". This word is the name we use for a metal derived from the natural ore, Bauxite, and is a light weight, durable, easily worked and formed metal that has many uses and has served mankind very well over the years since it has been discovered.

You give a word such as "Aluminum" to a brit, they can't possibly get it right, or correct, either.

The correct pronunciation of this word is: "Al", as in "Al and I had a beer at the local pub.", "OOH" as in "OOH, that felt GOOD!", "Min" as in "Min-imum is the least amount", and "Um" as in "Um, Mommy, I didn't do it"

So you see Al OOH Min Um is the correct way to say the damn word.

Now, a brit will get it all bent out of shape and come out with: "Al-You-Min- EE-Yum". And thus we have a problem trying to communicate with these people. They don't even know their own bloody language. 

Another thing about brits is they live on a tiny bloody island and they don't get out much. Seeing "the BIG picture" is dependent on how big the telly is in the sitting room at home.

We have bailed them out of two world wars and yet we still have to put up with their brand of rubbish about animal rights and firearms control. Seems it would benefit them more to clean up their bloody misuse of the language and their own back yards before lecturing us about how things are, or should be, in the remainder of the world. 

OK, So they built a tunnel over to France. Who the hell said the French knew any better?

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Comment by Douglas James Riley on June 19, 2014 at 9:26am
Good post!
""they seem to believe their views are the "way it should be" and seek to deposit those beliefs on the rest of us."" Sounds like Californians and liberals!

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