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I was stationed at the subase 1965 thru 1967 first as the indoctrination school yeoman then as the subase police department yeoman.

In 1967 a Japanese submarine visited Pearl Harbor, I was TAD as the driver for the captain, anytime he needed to be transported I was at his peck and call, including a ride to a formal dinner at CINPACTFLT .

There were many interesting stories that I experianced with my time on subase.

If there were any other members of the police department or the subase that knew me I really would like to chat with them. .

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Comment by John McNulty on August 24, 2018 at 7:27pm

I noticed you were a police yeoman.  I was on a destroyer during Viet Nam and was a logroom yeoman.  My duties included admin and engine room duties during replenishment, sea and anchor and GQ.  I have been trying to get an official description of a logroom yeoman's duties but can't find anything.  The only info I can find re engineroom talker is a 1945 billet showing that the engine room talker was a MM3.  Nothing more recent.  Can anyone help me.

Thank you,

Jack McNulty

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