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Secretary of State Clinton Invites Russians to Inspect and Count Our ICBMS

I had my car radio tuned into ultra right Michael Savage last night and this was his driving topic. His question was simply " If Secretary of State Clinton wishes full nuclear disclosure then what do we get in return?" A large number of unsavvy callers failed to properly answer that question.

Savage made a good point. Only FOX News was even covering the subject. Clinton made a statement to the effect that Russia and the US were not adversaries and that we really have the same goals. "REALLY!!'

Perhaps I am old fashioned and totally out of date; because I gotta tell ya Shipmates "The only people I trust less than the Russians are the Red Chinese. Anyone who tells you that the Russians or the Chinese have our best interests in mind needs a quick triop to the urinalysis kit.

I think the government as it now sits fully believes in the 60's jargon that the US is and has been a force for evil.. Now this kindler gentler government is going to woo and charm the world's bad guys into thinking we are now a warm hearted and kind people who have behaved wretchedly so relax come and count our nukes because we're your friends and we we can now just all get along.

After all Russia and the US have the sames goals and desires. Uhh Huh. And the Cleveland Browns are going to win the SuperBowl this year if you believe that.

There was a valid reason that a million people lined up to view Ronald Reagan's hurst go by in DC when he passed on. People loved him because he got it. He understood concepts like "Peace through Strength" He knew it didn't take a villiage, it took a BATTLESHIP!

Am I the only one who wonders why the Somali Pirates can operate at will off theeast coast of Africa? How's this for a mission statement. Board my ship, you'll die"

Lets get back the swagger and find some motivating leaders who aren't so enamored with their Rasmussen Poll numbers.

Where's the next RONNIE?

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Comment by jeff zahratka on October 24, 2009 at 2:34pm
I'd be very intersted in knowing if anyone can identify some leaders out there who aren't afraid to do the right thing. If there are such people out there, grass roots efforts can start in places like this.
Comment by airman , retired, johnson on October 23, 2009 at 4:16am
I have yet to hear of this, and am worried none the less. While we are at it we might as well hand them a few more secrets that have yet to be sold to russia or stollen by the chinese. while new here, I do agree that we do need another Regan, I was only a kid at the time, but allways respected what he did for this country,, in most parts,, and what he did for others.
Honor, Courage, Commitment
Comment by Tim Gulliford on October 21, 2009 at 8:01pm
Good post. I heard this and just shook my head at this situation. Remember, this is the wife of a President who gave China Missile secrets. Did you all hear how the 2nd highest in command of the Chinese military will be taking a tour of our bases?
While looking for that article, I found this old one:

We do live in scary times and as a Veteran of the Cold War, this is unacceptable just like the current administration.

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