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Thanks for the Welcome! There are other sites I have tried to link into, but instead of getting shipmates back together, all they want is the money....I think I served enough time (13 yrs) to say we should not have to pay to reunite. If monetary funds are needed for some reason, then donations should be requested. Anyway, again, a sailor of 13 yrs in the Yeoman field. Semi retired (no benefits - get out or chance of getting kicked out in '92) and done it for the wrong reasons. Had a military wife that spent time in Iraq as a Corpman; spent 6 months there and found someone else she rather spend time with (damn Seabee); tried the separation thing but after 6 months, had a girlfriend that both ex and girlfriend dispised each other so I just decided to get away from it all. Wound going back to homestate of Georgia and starting new.

Wow, on your website seen talk about in god's name can anyone as old as we are remember that far back? I can remember being the greenhorn of the Navy. Mind you, I had a father that was a drill sargent in the Army, got treated like recruits do at home, so going into service was "scary" for a 19 yr old. Yea, those time were hell for someone that never ran or worked out before; but to be in Orlando with a female sister had perks...I only wished I had pictures, but with 3 exwives since being in and after I got out, alot was lost...

Had a great tenure though....After struggling with boot camp and getting set back 2 weeks for not knowing my officer ranking/ensignia's, I became part of the group that serviced officers...Yeoman.. Once I got into my first command (USS Mt Whitney LCC 20), I soaked up as much information as I could; sorta like a sponge...Command needed a Legal yeoman so after a year, sent me to school in Rhode Island and that was another experience. Loved the legal field carried with me throughout my semi-career, especially at Aviation Schools Command where I was lead enlisted at YN2....Oh, stories to tell there....interesting to see if anyone else may have been stationed there at same time I was - '83 thru '86...maybe one day.

I eventually got stationed onboard a carrier - Coral Sea - which went into decommissioning stages 6 months after arriving, so that was an experience within itself...I stayed through decommissioning, taking care of paperwork for officers and enlisted until scrap day.....My next duty station was requested for advancement purposes, but went to a Cruiser as Ship's Secretary. That was a job that was rewarding. Went there as YN2, billet was for YN1, another shipmate came in after I did (he was already YN1), so we sorta shared the responsibilities. About 3 months later my results came in from testing and I made YN1, so my life became better. First class lounge was one break we all looked forward to.....

Well, enough blabbing for now...of course we all have stories to tell and I can conjure up enough to keep everyone interested, but will savor the excitement for now....I look forward to conversing to other shipmates (boy I miss the comraderie) and possible getting to know my long lost shipmates. Again, thanks for welcoming me and look forward to an interesting "recalling the memories"...


William Barron
Semi retired YN1

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Comment by Tim Gulliford on February 19, 2009 at 10:59pm
You are right. We may not have served together on the same ship but everyone's stories, pictures, and other stuff, makes it feel as we have. Couple guys on here may laugh at this next statement, like you, I tend to be on the shy side as well. Not as bad as I was when a lot younger just a little now. Having Kids and working with the public changed all that.
I wish you luck finding you old shipmates and hopefully here at Navyvets.
Comment by William Barron on February 19, 2009 at 10:49pm
Thanks Tim, I do feel like I found long lost brothers, even though we may have not been assigned together, we all experienced basically the same situations. I have longed to get in contact with my old shipmates, but they were nowhere to be found. I am hoping this may be the avenue; the other thing is, I am not a socialite; in other words, I enjoy going to clubs every once in a while, but I am on the shy side. Its hard for me to just walk up to someone and carry on a conversation (unlike my wife and son, they never meet a stranger...raised differently, I guess). But to be on this site talking with others that have been down the same road I have, its like going down that navy road again.....
Comment by Tim Gulliford on February 19, 2009 at 4:40pm
Hi YN1,

Welcome! You will see we are all brothers with many experiences. I agree, to many sites want to charge and that is why this site is excelling among as the choice to find one another. Hope you enjoy the site as much as a lot of us have.

Take care- Tim

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