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In 1983 time frame I was sent to the Vulcan AR 5. Ml2 Herb Munker was the shop sup.,and Young was I believe a MLFN.I was exited about this, being a huge shop. They had about 10 molders onboard at the time.after a couple days I noticed that all they did was plaques. I was really surprised at this.I had been to that shop before and they werealways involved in good work. I asked Munker what the hell was going on. He said that all the RO would approve was plaques. He said that he had a MLFN working in the repair office as a gopher.I told Munker to have the young man to stop by and see me.He came by the next day and I asked him to keep track of all the jobs that the RO rejected. A week later he brought me about a dozen rejected jobs.The jobs were for impellers, pump casings,etc. The next morning I went to the repair office with the job orders in my hand.Told the master chief that I wanted to see the commander. He took me right in. I asked the commander if he was fully aware of the foundrys capabilities. I set the jobs on his desk. I told him that he could make a name for hisself by fully utilizing the foundry. I said that all those kids in the shop made more that plaques in A school. He asked me if I was telling him hoe to run his department. I said of course not, then a laid a copy of a standing order from CINCLANTFLT that there would not be anymore brass plaques made under any circumstances. He told me that I had said enough and that I was excused. That's when I stuck my hands out, and said,"see these hands? They will not make anymore plaques for you."At that moment he jumped up, removed his collar devices, came around his desk yelling all sorts off names. he poked me in the chest. he said you will do as I say, or your career is over. I had my 20 in, so that was no threat. I knocked his hand away and told him that I was a CPO, and not to ever curse at me or touch me. I told him that I would not hesitate going to CINCLANT and get an audience with the Admiral. In the middle 70's I had a tour at the compound and knew my way around. Just the the master chief opened the door and said for me to go outside. The commander told that he did not want me in the department. I told him that is how he takes care of his problems. This was on a Thursday morning. I was hot enough to f___!! The master chief told me to go home till Monday, then come baqck and see him. I became the ship 3-M coordinator. Had an annual inspection in 3 months and a 12month   yard period to get ready for.  I made sure that Repair towed the line with the maintanence.# yrs. later I was at SIMA Norfolk putting the new foundry together. I had ML2 Stratman. We finally poured our first job. I got a job order for plaques. I went upstairs to RSG and found the person that had approved. Guess What? It was him, but now he is a captain. He asked me what I wanted. I said that I had a job order for plaques. he asked me if we have to go thru that again. I said"I certainly hope. He took it and thru it in the trash can. Then he told me to have a good day. His name. Don't remember. I wiped out of my memorie bank.    

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