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I noticed sometime ago that a link was added for all of us to use. It's simply marked as "CHAT" on the uppper righthand side of this forum. It's a wonderful tool of communication for all of us vets. It's a place where you can instantly chat with another vet and talk about whatever comes to your mind within reason. You can come and talk about the good o'le days,different places you've been and the MOS's that you've held. It can be about your upcoming vacation or about family life or lack of. Well ,you get the point.
Let's start this chat with two time periods at first to get this motor runnin'.

First, 6am -9am and 5pm-8pm in whatever time zone you fall under. After we get this going,I hope that we can jump onto this anytime, day or night. That way,we can get veterans and current servicemembers in here and maybe learn a lot about how things were done before and how it is today. Chat is also a great way to make new friends quickly and even talk about the weather,lol.
Let's all give this a shot and complete our mission.

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Comment by Todd Wilson on October 15, 2009 at 9:20pm
Hello Michael,
I agree with your comment to a certain point and I'll tell you why. I don't know if you really noticed the name of this website yet and please don't take offense. If you haven't noticed yet that none of us is in the military anymore. Almost all of us have moved on to different lives now. Some of us are getting old and fat,we drink and eat too much,the docs keep feeding us meds and then new meds and our wifes gives us a hard time every darn time we want to get together with our budz.
So yes,of course,their are pictures that don't fit to your liking and maybe not Navy and Marine Corps related. That is just part of our current lives and besides,maybe we feel that some of that old stuff is exactly that-old. To align myself with what you are talking about,"Thread Drift" is pretty common and widely accepted among forums today. It brings in new members and gives current members something to talk about. You know,to help pass the day if you will. There really are forums and websites just like what you descibed but they are for current active duty service people and you could find what you like there. I'll give you another example of "Thread Drift" and it is this. I started this thread about using the On-line Chat or chat room,and you come out of left field about something totally unrelated,that is thread drift. Do worry,us Marines don't offense to these things after we retire but we are older and wiser and choose our battles wisely.
Now if you want to start your own thread about this subject and take a poll,that would be the wisest idea yet. I just know that I don't put to much stock into my own opinion and feel more comfortable asking someone else how they feel and that is just normal.
But,the more I think about this subject,the more you got me thinking. We could organize all of the pictures into different catagories so that a great gung-ho guy like you can go straight to those pictures only and knock yourself out. Do I miss the old times? Yes,I miss my old budz and many of the things that we did(which I'm still paying for today) and the fun times we all had. Have you ever been on a ship? Well,maybe somethings are better forgotten. Like knots on your forehead,tripping through hatches,getting stuck in your bunk, your budz letting out fumes or not taking showers when they should.Good times,is there a statue of limitations on all of these things,maybe not,lol.
Anyway,you get the point. This site is all in what you want to make it into. If you have a bunch of Navy related photos and stories,we certainly welcome them. You know,my memory isn't as good as it use to be and I would love to see some of those photos. Again,no offense to any of my shipmates here,just having a little fun.
Comment by Michael J Sanchez on October 10, 2009 at 9:06pm
No offense to my Shipmates, but I noticed a lot of personal photos that are unrelated to anything Navy are being added to the server on this NavVets website. I believe it would be more appropriate if cute photos of our grandkids, our pets, and the changing leaves of autumn, were posted on facebook or myspace. It would be in keeping with the spirit of the website if the posts were exclusively Navy related items. Anyone else feel the same?

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